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Hep c and my family

Hi all,

Feel like I am going to hell and back.  So worried that I have passed hep c to my son and my husband.  My husband won't go for a test, and my son keeps stalling it.  He is 16 years, husband is 52 and drinks nearly every night.  Feel so sad and helpless, wish I wasn't such an idiot when I was younger.  
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It is unlikely that your son has the virus and your husband may not have it either.
Many of us didn't know we had it while we were preganat and raising children yet they didn't get it.
It is rarely passed sexually.
Your son isn't an adult yet. Insist he get tested. Take him to get tested yourself if he wont' do it on his own.

If your husband does have the virus the very worst thing he can do is drink alcohol. It will only make it worse.

There is no good reason to beat up on yourself about the past. What is done is done. All you can do is go forward.

Good luck.
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Hi there and i agree with above post, there is no point beating yourself up with things that you cannot change and it is extremely rare to be passed on sexually, my hubby had had the virus for 30 odd years, yes i did get tested for peace of mind and yes i was all clear ( I also used his razor blades!) so try not to worry so much but like what as been said take your son to be tested if only for reassurence. I wish you all the very best Jules
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Hi its Jules again, i have just read your profile and realised that you live in England so you wouldnt beable to make your son go and get tested if he does not want to and we all know how stubborn blokes can be when it comes to going to the docs, let alone a stroppy teenager! You could try a bit of emotional blackmail ( good luck on that one!) I would like to wish you well for starting the treatment there is plenty of people on here to help & support you and your family. Kind regards Jules
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Good advice by the above two posters and you are not alone. many of us if we had of known what we were doing when younger and some of the consequences may not have have treated our bodies like theme parks.

Suggest they both get tested for you peace of mind and  and then best to spend your energy looking after your HCV if you have not already done so.

Good luck and welcome..
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I would.be optimistic. It is very rare for hepc to be communicated sexually or living together. I was married and raised five children before I found out that I had the disease since adolescence. None of my family became infected. Either way, don't go hard on yourself as said above.
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