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Hepatitis A found in berries I bought at costco

I got a Robo call from Costco yesterday to destroy or return the suspected source of the Hepatitis A outbreak, which is Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend frozen berries purchased from Costco stores.  

When I was diagnosed with Hep C back in 1999, my GP insisted I get Immunized and get vaccinated for Hep A and Hep B.  I think I had 2 for Hep A and then series of 3 for Hep B.  

I believe I was told the immunization was for life.  I should be OK right?  I will throw the rest out. Horrible thought since I have Hep C to be exposed to Hep A. I'm 6 weeks post Gilead trial.  Hope this doesn't screw up my UND and possible SVR.  

More Drama in my life.  I need a Xanax.  
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Hepatitis A is one of the most common vaccine-preventable infectious diseases in the world. Effective vaccines against hepatitis A have been available since 1992, and they provide long-term immunity against the infection. However, there is no worldwide consensus on how long protection will last or whether there will be a need for hepatitis A virus (HAV) booster vaccinations in the future. In most countries, booster-vaccination policy is guided by manufacturers' recommendations, national authorities, or both. In June, 2002, a panel of international experts met to review the long-term immunogenicity and protection conferred by HAV vaccine in different population groups. Data have shown that after a full primary vaccination course, protective antibody amounts persist beyond 10 years in healthy individuals, and underlying immune memory provides protection far beyond the duration of anti-HAV antibodies. The group concluded that there is no evidence to lend support to HAV booster vaccination after a full primary vaccination course in a healthy individual. However, further investigations are needed before deciding if boosters can be omitted in special patient-groups.
You will be be fine... and no it will have no effect on your SVR, so just pass that Xanax over here....:)
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Sorry, forgot to add the link.

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Washing food does NOT great rid of hepatitis A.

For us on the forum with hep C...we should be vaccinated against both hep A & B to prevent further damage to the liver.

From the CDC...
How long does Hepatitis A virus survive outside the body?

"The Hepatitis A virus is extremely hearty. It is able to survive the body’s highly acidic digestive tract and can live outside the body for months. High temperatures, such as boiling or cooking food or liquids for at least 1 minute at 185°F (85°C), kill the virus, although freezing temperatures do not".

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"For us on the forum with hep C...we should be vaccinated against both hep A & B to prevent further damage to the liver."

Thanks for posting this reminder for all of us on this forum.  

Many, especially old IV drug users might have  been exposed to Hep A and Hep B and their immune system have already created the antibodies. If you have been tested and have the antibodies you are protected from future exposure.

When I was tested back in 1999 I did not show exposure and did not have the antibodies.  Thus my doctor gave me the vaccinations which came in a series.  Hep A was 2 shots 6 months apart.  Hep B was 3 shots, 2nd was 1 month later,and  the 3rd was 6 months after the 1st shot.  

All on this forum should know their antibody status of Hep A and Hep B.
I'm so glad I've been protected from this recent exposure from organic berries.
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Anyone who was vaccinated for A & B need to get revaccinated every 10 years.  That's what my hepatologist told me as well as the ER I worked at when I first got the shots.

How it's done here.  3 shots.  2nd shot 3 months after 1st shot.
3rd shot 3 months after 2nd shot.

And be prepared to do it again in 10 years.  Did first series of shots in 1992. Then again in 2002.  Then again in 2012.  What can do posted about stating that the series "protective antibody amounts persist beyond 10 years in healthy individuals".....that's the key word....healthy individuals.  If you have HCV you are not healthy.  May look it,  may feel it...and this can go on for years...why chance it...isn't one hepatitis enough to deal with.?
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I finished my vaccinations in 2000. Well over 10 years ago.  I have not been given or recommended a booster.  Humm?  I know during physical a couple years back my doctor remarked that my antibody levels for Hep A and B were still very strong.  This is obviously something that  can be monitored?  Maybe if antibodies is over certain level my my doctor felt I didn't need 10 year booster?

I know if I would have been exposed to A or B and I developed the antibodies naturally then I would not have ever needed to be vaccinated at all.

I'm going to call my doctor Monday just to make sure I'm OK. .I'm going to search the web about booster requirement now.  Does anyone else have experience with required 10 year booster for Hep A and B?  
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