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Hepatitis C - Are You smarter than a 5th grader?

Ask a question on this thread and let's see how smart/fast we really are.

Who discovered Hepatitis C?

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Well, it's a moot point.
Harvey Alter was the first person who distinguished HCV as being different to HAV and HBV in the mid 70's. It became known as NonANonB.
In 1988/1989 Michael Houghton identified this 'new' virus as HCV, he cloned it and created the blood screening process that is used today.
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You are smarter than a 5th grader !!!!!!! : ).  The winner creates the next
"smarter than a 5th grader" question.  Tag your it :),
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What is your theory on why viral load doesn't correlate with liver damage?
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How about this? Where did the term "stirring the pot" come from?
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a pan. : )
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Is this the urban definition or the before 900 A.D. definition? Clarification please :).
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Urban Dictionary Definition of Stir the Pot:

Stir the pot
Someone who loves to proliferate the tension and drama between 2 or more feuding people/groups in public to get a raise of people in hopes of starting a shitstorm of drama and uncomfortable conflict, sometimes for personal gain but oftentimes just for the thrill of confrontation.


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Back to who discovered Hep C.....

Advocate and Asle are both correct.

Dr. Alter co-discovered the Australia antigen, a key to detecting hepatitis B virus. Later, Dr. Alter spearheaded a project at the Clinical Center that created a storehouse of blood samples used to uncover the causes and reduce the risk of transfusion-associated hepatitis. He was principal investigator on studies that identified non-A, non-B hepatitis, now called hepatitis C. His work was instrumental in providing the scientific basis for instituting blood donor screening programs that have decreased the incidence of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis to near zero.

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What does viral load mean in relationship to the the bodies blood volume?
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I forgot to pos

Woops. bad Me. I forgot to post my sources.

Who discovered Hepatitis C?
The steps towards discovering the hepatitis C virus began in the mid-1970s, when Harvey J. Alter and his research team showed that many hepatitis cases were not due to the already known hepatitis A and B viruses. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that the identification of the virus and diagnostic tests were developed. These findings were confirmed in 1988 and the virus was named in 1989. The team credited with the discovery are Michael Houghton, Qui-Lim Choo and George Kuo from the Chiron Corporation, who worked in collaboration with Dr. D.W. Bradley from Centers for Disease Control. Research into the disease is ongoing in the hope of finding more effective treatments.


discovery.yukozimo.com › Diseases‎

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@Mike...my personal theory??  My personal theory is that a person with a consistently low viral load, like I had(below 800,000) may actually have more liver damage,then a person with a huge viral load (think millions; 6~60 million)
   Why?  Because my immune system was always fighting the virus, everyday it was busy fighting the virus, which leads to scar tissue.  
   If our immune systems dont attack the virus, but instead, ignores it,then a person can actually have no damage. I know this guy, he is older,maybe 65 yr or older. He is an alcoholic, and thinks he caught Hep C over 40 yrs ago,when he used to use. I convinced him to get a biopsy, and he came back as a stage zero!  
   I tried so hard to cure myself, with all those "alternative treatments" that I read onthe internet, which were designed to boost the immune system. There I was, Ms Health, quit drinking 20 yrs ago, when I was diagnosed,  always exercised regularly, ate great, took the vitamins, and myplatelets started to slid below normal when I went into menopause.  Meanwhile, my Hubs was the opposite, and his labs were always fine. Of course, since he never had a biopsy, who knows what stage he was, but his viral load was much higher then mine~ moot point since we both treated, but I found that ironic
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