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Hepatitis Healing Power Of Blueberry Leaves

ScienceDaily (Aug. 10, 2009) — A chemical found in blueberry leaves has shown a strong effect in blocking the replication of the Hepatitis C virus, opening up a new avenue for treating chronic HCV infections, which affect 200 million people worldwide and can eventually lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.


is this a scam too?
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I am confused -a week ago you said you didn't care to post any more and provided a link to a sentimental song called 'You'll Remember Me'
People wished you well for the future.
Within the twinkling of an eye you are banging the same old drum again.
Just wondering!
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i can post where ever i want...if you dont like...dont respond...wonder away...mr confused
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maybe your the one who keeps hitting the abuse button....LOL
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No-never have.
Prefer to tackle disagreements head to head on an intellectual basis.
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"you are banging the same old drum again"

what do you mean by this?...just because i posted some current news on new help for people that may help,you critize me...take your head out of the sand and look aroud
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I mean stuff like this;
by Rockerforlife, Sep 11, 2009 09:24PM
Have many have had vaccines and flu shots in the past and are eating commerical foods(non-organic)..and who drink tap water and gooble back pain killers and anti depressants and sleeping pills?....anyone?

Who is this helping?
This is a hepatitis C forum not a public stage for your personal prejudices.
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Cant you see what im saying,maybe its possible the vaccines and all the other drugs taken while onthe TX drugs are causing the problems..you say you are intelligent..if you were you would see this.....what im trying to find out is ,is there is  anyone who didnt take all the other vaccines and even the rescue drugs ,still have long term effects.....

YOU SAID:This is a hepatitis C forum not a public stage for your personal prejudices

explain please?
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you probly drink tap water and eat commerical meat too...LOL
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You know, I always thought I was the kind of person who had stupid tenacity, still do...I'm the one who's going to have her head against the wall, still trying to knock it down, working up a helluva sweat while all the smarter people will be sitting around me, having a beer, glancing in my general direction every once in awhile and asking "is she STILL at it?" and shaking their head and going back to their conversation.  Eventually...I wander back, looking a little sheepish, grab a beer and join them and say "well I guess that wall is not coming down" and get responses like "uh...no kidding".

Thick as a brick.  The wall is not coming down, HCA.  Even I give up.
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i see u mention that before  what is the problem with tap water?  just curious ,other than city to city it may taste different . is it bad for your liver ?       if so i am in troubl     lol  
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Its my belief the health problems that some people have while on TX and after TX is somehow connected with the other drugs and toxins in our foods reacting with the TX drugs....ill bet most people who are heath nuts like me have NO sides..before,during and after TX....

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you said food and drugs   i asked only about water
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