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Hepatitis c genotype 2b

Hello community,
I just found out today that my genotype is 2b and I'm waiting for my quantitive test I believe it's called to come back before I go in for my dr visit my question is what exactly do they genotype mean other than course of treatment? Also is one type better or worse than another? Please help if you have info. I have been researching so much but, somethings I can't find.
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There is not much difference between genotypes some are said to be somewhat more aggressive than others but all are slow acting. Another common difference is  how difficult they are to treat. Genotype 1a was the most difficult with the old treatments but now is probably the easiest not sure which one currently is considered the most difficult but all are having much better results than the old treatments. Also some genotypes are more common in different regions of the world.

Per the current recommendations of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases AASLD for GT2 the recommentated treatment is as follows:

Genotype 2 Treatment-naïve Patients without Cirrhosis - Recommended
Recommended regimens are listed in groups by level of evidence, then alphabetically.

Daily sofosbuvir (400 mg) and weight-based RBV for 12 weeks is a Recommended regimen for treatment-naïve patients with HCV genotype 2 infection who do not have cirrhosis.
Rating: Class I, Level A

The success rates for GT 2 with Sovaldi Ribavirin was around 94% in clinical trials

There only thing you need to know is what treatment works for your type of hep c get treated and get cured
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Thank you for that info especially the meds. I have Medicaid and have been told that it is very hard to get treatment unless your really bad off. Is there other ways to get the treatment without being 100,000 in the whole for it?!
Actually the cost of 12 weeks of Sovaldi currently in the US is not quite $100,000 but still the price of $84,000 is still increase lay high. I have heard Medicaid is getting better about paying for treatment. There are also other avenues like the Patient Assistance Network (PAN) I don't know anything about that as my insurance covered my treatment but I expect others with knowledge will chime in later. Another method some have used is to get their meds from overseas like India but again I don't know anything helpful in that area.

I suggest first things first and see if you can get covered by your current insurance then go fron there
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Sounds good thanks!
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