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Hey Medhelp: What's up with the facebook tags?

What's the deal with the social media tags embedded in the posts? I understand wanting to draw in new traffic and selling advertising, but this has crossed the line. What's next? Last weeks proctologist visit on YouTube selling butt depilatories? Confessions tweeted to the Holy See?

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Zactly my sentiments. I don't want my posts sent to Myspace et. al. I don't even like them searchable through Google, which they are.
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This site proberly gets more hits than all the others combined as "dirty laundry" and bad news seems to be what everyone loves to read up on.
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I think you may have hit upon a solution. I was going to simply stop posting when this nonsense started, butt it's not my way to go quietly. I'm going to see if I can get the video from my colonosopy and link it every which way possible. If enough of us do this or similar, maybe MH will get enough complaints to pull this Twitshit.
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Maybe we should all hit the abuse button and tell them medhelp is abusing us.
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I was thinking the same thing when I saw this, and I found the site from searching Google. Maybe this site could do something similar  to Facebook, that you have to allow people to view your information. But then again I prefer that they kept it private, and I know after seeing this there are many here you wish the same.

It would be easy for the site to block un register users from reading the posts, but that would cut down on advertising revenue, which I doubt the site wants. I thin that a site like this should be for register users only, but maybe it is just me.
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yikes, don't YOU want to live dangerously!!

twits to the holy see..whata concept!!!
hey, and maybe He'll declare a virtual door to walk through so we can get our folks outta purgatory without going to that door in Rome too!! Cyber get outta hell free doors!!

I've twitted it to him and he'll get back to you with some kinda papal bull. : )
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"Papa Bull?!!?" Even just reading it makes the sphincter tighten up a notch....
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yup..it's one of those which came first moments...when edict's became bull's did this transition the vernacular, or was the vernacular the inspiration?? Guess we'll never know but you'd have to be tight ***.ed not to laugh at the irony there.
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tight sphinctered....maybe that will pass muster.
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tight sphinctered....

I like that. As in "She's OK I s'pose, but a tad prim and tight sphinctered for my tastes."
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I'm a the same way. I don't wanna have anything to do with any of those. What do I need to do to get rid of them?
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Prim and tight-sphinctered women, or the social media tags? If the former - the worse you treat them the more they cling, so best to just tell them you're gay. Get seen driving a VW bug if you have to.  If the latter - even telling them your gay won't help... it will only get posted on facebook. It's a new world, we have to deal.
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Katerika here, I was surprised to see you still on the forum. I recall your names from 2007. What is your status are you retreating?
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Hi Katerika - welcome back!
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