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Hi! My 6 month PCR

Hi everybody! I hope today finds you all feeling good. I DO miss you guys & posting my opinions in here, but just got so tired of the underlying drama. I still lurk but not as often. I think I'm taking that as a good thing and maybe not needing the kind of support I needed at the beginning of tx.
Yesterday was shot 28! 20 more to go.
I took most of this wk off for fatigue mostly, but doing ok & making lots of artwork at the table.

RNA still UND at 6 mos!!! Yay!
My numbers
Hemoglobin 11.0 (doc said below 10 is the danger zone)
Hematocrit 30.7 (doc says I'm not in danger unless it goes -30)
Platelets 65 (stabilized for about 3 mos)
Alt 39
Red Blood Cells 3.20
White Cell Count 2.2
How am I doing?

Well Keith has gone up Maine, snowmobiling and it's felt like Antarctica here but it's supposed start warming up today and then around 50 Sun & Mon. That's a heat wave! LOL So much for the global warming theory in Maine!

Special prayers to SFBaygal & her family.

Warm hugs to you all & hope you're all getting better!
Luv, E
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Art work -- my hat is off to you.  My creative juices all but dried up on tx.  I quilt, but was totally incapable of doing it for that year of tx.  Your HGB looks okay if you have adjusted to it, but watch it girl.. it is low.   Tell your doc if you notice any signs of greater anemia.

Your whites look great too.  

When was your first  UND?  What is the sensitivity?

My mind is gone -- but since your platelets are low, I am wondering what was your liver biopsy?

All in all absolutely great.  Hope you are getting CBCs at least every 2 weeks.
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LOL creative to ME during treatment was whether to put mustard of kethup on a hot dog ;)

It's nice to see you Lady!  It's been pretty drama free for a while (ooops maybe that was a jinx) and now that Rev has chilled it might stay that way for a while.  I hope.  I hope we get to see you more often!
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Nice to see you, glad your tx is going pretty good. I hear you on the drama. The drama has been greatly reduced of late and many new people have been posting, it's been really nice. I love when new people join in. Someone put a choke chain on the pit bull and things have been much better around here ever since.

I wanted to say that "global warming" is somewhat of a misnomer, it also causes extreme COLD. What it does is disrupts the climate, causing extreme hot and/or cold and causing devastating weather events that are more catastrophic or even cataclysmic than in the past. It doesn't cause the whole globe to warm up, it causes warm trends in areas where it was consistently much colder before, and causes cold in areas that were previously warmer. Storms are stronger and more devastating.
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As per my memory (LOL) my bx showed mild to moderate. I have all the info from the first half of tx filed away, and too lazy to dig it out LOL

I've been UND since my 3 month PCR..maybe even at 4 wks but my first numbskull doctor didn't know how to explain it correctly. He just told me at 4 weeks that my liver was functionally properly. My last RNA was Hep C Quantasur result was <10 but I DO believe my 3 month was <5. People at the labs here are not the sharpest tools in the shed and they (90% of the time) don't do the right tests. A pox on them! LOL

NY..you sound like you are doing great!
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I knew that! I was just being funny. ;)
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HAHA, well you got me! Your post made me laugh too, thanks.

Stay warm up there!
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Nice to see you online for a change.   I am glad things look for you.   I got about 2 wks to go before the doc will do the first PCR.   I do shot 12 today.  , but he refuses to do the PCR till I come back to his office on the 22nd or 23rd, gotta check my calendar.    I went for labs today, then went to the grocery store, bad idea, considering I had not eaten yet.   LOL.. But I got all good stuff,   except the choc donuts I been craving.. LOL   I just ate one with my Riba.. LOL  

I found the best thing I like to eat these days, is yogurt with fresh strawberries, and bananas, and  little bit of milk with Special K cereal mixed it.  

fills me up, and takes care of the sweet craving..  
I got salad for lunch, but going to go work on the pool for  a while.. its almost cleared up.. Whooo HOoo.. maybe by sunday it will be crystal clear.. Hoping anyway.
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Keep it up. We're in the same place. I did shot 28 Wednesday and feel pretty good. I didn't get a copy of my 24 week blood tests, ( forgot ) but I'll get another look here next week. I'm not sure what effect global warming has had on my treatment but I'll ask him. It effects EVERYTHING you know. It makes hot hotter, cold colder, wind windier, rain rainier, oceans oceanier and the moon moonier.
I don't even know why I'm treating. What's the use ? We're all gonna die from this global warmacooling thingy anyway. Honestly how stupid is that, treating an illness on the eve of the end of the world.
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The End Is Near...Grab a polar bear and make him your pet.
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It also makes bear bearier, btw.
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CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far!!!  You are a real trooper.  And it was so nice to see you post.  I hope you are well.  I consider you such a bright light that I'm suprised the Maine snow doesn't melt in your presence.  Keep on keeping on.  With love, Aiuta
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Hi Eileen,

Good to see you post, glad things are going well.
We were going to take the sleds out, but it was just to darn cold. I am grateful its warming up right now.
Suppose to be a real nice week, thank the Lord, I think we all need it ;-)
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