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Hi everybody!

Hi all! I've been incredibly busy and haven't spent much time online in the last few months...I'm almost 5 months post treatment, feel great, am back to work, and (how insane is this) have decided to stop procrastinating and finish up my college education that I started 22 years ago.. There IS life after treatment! I only have one more month to go for the 6 month SVR milepost! (I was an early responder and UND at 4 weeks!)
How is everyone doing? Everybody mucking through treatment okay? Doing the riba rash boogie? -I feel for you...It seems weird that, just a year ago, I was going through all of the screening tests to prepare for treatment...I almost didn't do it. It's a horrible thing to put your body through. But here I am, still UND and feeling absolutely awsome! -I can remember stuff again, I can lift 280 lb patients, my thyroid isn't freaking out anymore, and my hair is coming back! (Okay, it's whispies, and it's gray, -but hey! -It's hair!LOL) Well, I just wanted to pop in and say "HI!" If I don't see some of you before then,"Merry Christmas!" (((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))         ~Melinda
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...So great to hear from you. Also great to hear great news. I just read the post from Andiamo who posted good news like your....and it brought tears to my eyes...now that I have read yours I am in full boo hoo mode...Squishy is wondering what is wrong.

Thank you for the great news!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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Looks like you did it.....the odds are in your favour....0ver 90%
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Awesome  ! Be careful lifting, lol.I love hearing all of this good news ! Happy Holidays to you and yours !
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Glad to hear you're doing well. It's inspiring to hear. I've just finished tx myself.
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So happy your doing so well!!!
I too have just finished and its very inspiring to hear how well you feel!

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Thanks for checking in.  It's great to hear that you are doing so well.  Certainly gives those of us closing in on the EOT something to look forward to.  

Good for you going back to school.  I did the same....my 9th grade algebra teacher was also my college algebra teacher last semester...22 years later...what a hoot that was!!

So much to celebrate this season....and start the New Year off with a big SVR!!!!

Good for you!

Wish you and your family the best!!


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I'm so thrilled to hear you're doing so very well with your newfound energy and thank you heaps for the posts you typed over your tx giving such good advise (antihistamines DO stop post-nasal drip lol!!!!).

Have a wonderful Xmas!!
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