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Holiday Blessings

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and many Blessings for the New Year!
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Wishing you all the best during the holidays too.  May the road rise up to greet you, and the wind always be at your back.
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Very happy holidays to you and best wishes in for 2009.
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Happy holidays and a healthy new 2009!

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Oh geesh I am so sorry, I posted on this, then was searching ways to say Merry Christmas in different languages,  to add to it. Forgot what I was doing!   Thank you again for posting this!

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Thank you! I do hope you find the magic of this season!    Buon Natale or Happy Chanuka!  
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That is very sweet of you! Happy Holidays to you, too. And I would like to join you in wishing everyone ,who is celebrating the upcoming holidays, Happy Holidays!
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