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How do I tell my dentist?

I have Kaiser dental insurance.
For a checkup I phone and make an appointment.
The next person I talk to is where I check in for the appointment.
The next person is the dental hygenist (teeth cleaning).
The last person is the dentist.

Where along this path do I let it be known about having HCV?
Worried about being shunned.
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r u related to Jessica623??
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I told my dentist and periodontist. It didnt seem to phase them. It was my responsibility to tell them.
Tell them to write it on your records .

Dont worry about being shunnned if it happens then you certainly dont want any of them in your life anyway.

Your not guilty you have an illness.

Good Luck at the dentist
I hate the dentist.   :}  
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When you fill out your health history.
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I went to have some oral surgery and told the dentist.  His assistant refused to help and he fired her on the spot.  I felt he did the right thing but I was very uncomfortable.

I still think we all have to tell heath care workers who might be exposed to blood.

That was 10 years ago and I have not had a problem since then.
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If you feel that we need to tell health care workers who might be exposed to our blood, do you also believe that health care workers should have to tell us what their medical condition is?
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