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How is everyone doing after successful treatment of Hep C?

Been five years for me.  I think finally I have recovered fully.  
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2.5 years cured still have cirrhosis now for 9.5 years but otherwise good
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Just over 8 years post failed Combo tx, I'm 1 week in with Harvoni. I was left with panic attacks that started during tx and never left. I started a new drug for that, Effexor about a week before I began the Harvoni. Both drugs cause blurry vision so that is my only complaint. My computer has drop shadows on the letters and my night vision was already pretty bad. I'm hanging tough with both, actually feel pretty good other than the blindness :/
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Hi don't worry.   Doing well after treatment but having unrelated health issues.
Been outta touch and hope everyone in the Hep community is doing well.   Happy to see u r thriving.  
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I'm three years clear of Hep C.  I do an MRI every 3 months for cancer check.  I am at stage 4 cirrhosis.

My concern is the memory loss.  I am experiencing this and I'm reading that could have caused by the combination of interferon and ribavirin.
Have you discussed this with your liver specialist? Is it possible you may be developing HE (hepatic encephalopathy)?
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So hard to tell as the baseline for what it felt to be 'normal' vanished years ago. Survived Hep C but on to the next bit that aging brings
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Celebrated my 4 years post transplant on the 2nd and still performing here in Arizona. All is well...
Great news..my husband is thinking about transplantation, how did you manage that? Sorry for my poor English
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I was diagnosed 10 years ago this month with cirrhosis.

Still kicking :-)
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I was diagnosed in 2005 with cirrhosis. SVRed with with peg/riba and took Heptech's fibrosis cocktail on and off. Fibroscan from last year says all is well.
Great news! Were you diagnosed with liver biopsy? How was your Fibroscan result?

I was diagnosed with biopsy Jan 2008. Cured with Harvoni May 2015. Fibroscan April 2016 was 33 pretreatment Fibroscan Sept 2014 was 27.
Yes. Early cirrhosis by biopsy with platelets and WBC consistent with cirrhosis diagnosis. I forget the FS number now  - but it was close to normal/perfect a year or so ago - 11 years or so post TX.
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I was diagnosed with HCV in 2008, and cured by Sovaldi/Olysio in 2016. However, my fibrosis was F4 when I was cured, and cirrhosis was diagnosed.

My latest ecoDoppler (ultrasound) shows the beginning of fatty liver disease, which my hepatologist says will double my chances of getting HCC, already double the norm because of HCV.

I have no idea how to stop the fatty liver disease except to stop eating altogether, since I already diet.

I think that age (74 now) is catching up with me, and maybe the HCV will get me in the end despite having eliminated the virus.

If there's any moral to this story, it's that everyone should be tested and those with HCV treated immediately, before serious liver injury has occurred. I may have waited longer than I should have.

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Been awhile since I came on  this site.
I recognise some of your names from when i was being treated (successfully, yay)  with incivek interferon and ribavirin in 2013.
The post tx side effects took a long time to go away.
I am feeling pretty good now.
The weird side effects have gone. Eg the moving patches of weird itching.
I am feeling pretty darn good except for the tiredness though I am working full-time in a sometimes stressful job.
Ideally I should work 4 days a week.
I watch my diet and do lots of hiking and work out at a gym.
It's taken 5 years to get to this.
Hi glad to hear you are having improvements in your health that is great!
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I just got the news, TODAY 8/13/18 , that I am officially SVR!
One of the reasons I am in this site after so long is because I was just chatting with Shoshana recently and your name popped up in my head as well as Simon's because you guys were the voice of reason back when this site was just a baby and resembled the wild west at times! SO GLAD you evicted this persistent tenant! Was it Simon, the guy with the liver transplant that was very articulate and informed? Or was it Mike?  Ugh! Memories don't light any corners in my mind!
I believe you may be thinking of HectorSF
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18 years for me. After Interferon/Rabi treatmeant althouch hep c clear my life was destroyed due to great dec line in my health ie foggy mind fatigue bone/ joint pain flu like symptoms low immunity etc. I was unable to work my career ended etc . Should be grateful I know but so tired of not being heard by GP  etc
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Contracted HCV in 1998 and was very ill in acute stage.  Then after it became chronic just a low energy level.  Interferon/Ribaviron 2008-2010 made me terribly ill, needed 22 pints of transfusion and failed anyway.  After that was left with astronomical iron from the transfusions which then required IV chelation for several months, and several years til normal level.  Finally in 2014 started Harvoni, cleared 3 wks later and continued on it for 24 wks.  Absolutely NO side effects from Harvoni.  SVR since then and feeling excellent (age 83) but disappointed that Fibroscan is going UP regardless and considered moderate fibrosis (doc says it is not from the HCV, diet or any unhealthy behavior but from age).  
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Almost 5 years post successful Harvoni.  Never had any side effects, and not after effects.  Fibroscan does show very slight worsening of fibrosis though, and is probably due to my age (80's).
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Six for me and soon six after the transplant.
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No Hep C but now liver cancer. I promised my son that I would live to be 70 but not feeling so hopeful at the moment.
Sending you a long distance hug and all the positive energy I can muster
Hey girl. Good to see you ALL. I still miss Hector too. The liver cancer can be scary, and also a quicker route to a transplant if you get the bonus points. Are you going to list? The TACE procedure works well for some with NO reoccurrence.
I pop in from time to time and saw this.
XO from an old-timer.
Karen Crossroads
Yep, I'll probably try that or y90 embolization. Thanks for the checkin
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I'll be 7 years SVR this May! Good to see some of you on here. I beat liver cancer with a transplant 5 years ago. I wonder where some of the others have gone.
Hit me up if you want to chat.
Love you All XO
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I can't believe it, but yea, I've been Hep C free for 2 years.... after all those years and years of treatments!  I still am being followed for fibrosis though, as that has not completely gone away.  My LFT's have been normal for the 2 yrs as well.  Now, just doing the social distancing like everyone else.  Stay well!
That's awesome susan400!  Congrats
Hello Susan, it's been a few years. Congratulations on Conquering the Dragon! Lord knows it was quite a battle. R Glass
R Glass thank you!   GuitarRox thanks you!     There was a time that I thought I'd be on MedHelp and fighting HepC forever! LOL.  But, now, I really can go weeks at a time and forget that it ever happened!
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