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How to wash my cloths with Hep A B and C on them

So tonight I had a woman who says she has Hep A B and C, as her wrist was bleeding badly (I had Gloves on) but alot of her blood got on my open skin and even more on my uniform. So I'm just wondering whats the best way to wash my uniform or if i even can. Is it safe to wash in my own washer and dryer. How long can this live in the open air. How long should I wait to get tested for this?

Thanks a million
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Yes you can wash your clothes in your washer.

Got this from the CDC website

How should blood spills be cleaned from surfaces to make sure that Hepatitis C virus is gone?
Any blood spills — including dried blood, which can still be infectious — should be cleaned using a dilution of one part household bleach to 10 parts water. Gloves should be worn when cleaning up blood spills.

How long does the Hepatitis C virus survive outside the body?
The Hepatitis C virus can survive outside the body at room temperature, on environmental surfaces, for up to 3 weeks.

That would be on an undisturbed surface.

This is the hep c forum. For hep A and Hep B you should ask your question to those groups

Also hep A I do know is food borne not blood borne so likely no concerns with hep a blood.
thank you, for the help. Not all caught up on all the Hepatitis facts. Thank you so much
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