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Husband reached SVR!

Joyous news - my sweet husband is now SVR.  Thanks to all of you that answered my questions, gave us encouragement, and gave us hope with the good news as you have reached that wonderful goal.  It's almost like a dream.  It's not something I dared to put too much store in after the first treatment failed.  But the Incivek worked, and I just can't express my gratitude adequately.  Hub is feeling great, still has liver issues but is compensated and we will continue the regimen for his liver's health. Again, thanks so much - reading your stories and struggles gave me the strength to see this through.  And my husband - he is a hero to me.  The treatment is long, its difficult, it takes everything from you - but it is so worth it.  
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Congratulations!  Love hearing great news like this!  Im sure you are very relieved  :D
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great news!
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Congrats!!! Best wishes to you both!!!
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Great news, congratulations!
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Wow! Congratulations to you and your husband!
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Thanks everyone!  I keep those of you still going through treatment or are helping someone through treatment, and those who are waiting out the time for the goal of SVR, in my thoughts and prayers.  This is such a great community.
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That is wonderful news. Congratulations!
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Congratulations to both of you! This is wonderful news and a reason to celebrate.  WOO HOO!

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Excellent news well done to both of you love Jules xx
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YIPPEE for the both of you!!!
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Very happy for you both! It is truly wonderful news.

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Stay well,

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Thanks so much! He's feeling really good. I really appreciate your thoughts and good wishes!
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