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I am Not a Gay Man

But this article from a Gay Men's Health web site is a good quick read on nutrition and the liver.  


Interestingly, nothing about coffee enemas. Maybe I'm wasting my time.
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Sure you're not.

You just like to log onto gay web sites and are obsessed with colonoscophies.

We all understand that.

-- Jim
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You guys are comedians. LOL!  There is nothing wrong with being in touch with your feminane side.  The truth be known,  what effects the gay community also effects the hetersexual community.  The gay community usually gets the lastest and most complete update information first on STDs and other infectious diseases.  As a matter of fact, I would encourage all guys whether gay or straight to check out the Gay Men's Health web site annually for the most todate information affecting males.  
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cause boy, do they clean up the area and design nice houses and landscaping! There are many gays in the the causes I work for...God bless em! When I was deathly ill at home one time, it was some of my gay friends that came over with covered dishes, not to mention, washing my dishes and doing my laundry, boy can they fold laundry!!!! (speaking generally of course)...

last night, we all heard this woman make this curdling scream, over and over (it turned out to be a few kids joking) but man, there were all these gay guys with their little dogs, out in a posse, trying to help and find the trouble...along with the rest of the married couples and young boys and girls, God bless em!!! I love my city!
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It's ok.

The article, not that I've seen it before, suggests to limit coffee to 2-3 cups.  I figured that out a long time ago.  I bought a bigger cup.
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sorry, forgot to mention, good to see you here! coffee enemas notwithstanding!
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thanks for the link...good article, and cute little vegie pics!!!LOL...
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Flguy: The article, not that I've seen it before, suggests to limit coffee to 2-3 cups.  

I took that to mean orally....

Jim: Moi? I challenge you to find a thread with a colonscopy that doesn't have a post from the FL dude.

Forseecleanentries: coffee enemas notwithstanding!

You're right about that. Definitely lying down.  

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This is actually a higher level link to several more good articles. Why am I feeling the sudden need to rearrange the furniture and buy fresh flowers?

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Goof: im: Moi? I challenge you to find a thread with a colonscopy that doesn't have a post from the FL dude.
You got me there. And he also seems to be very interested in coffee enemas. Not that there's anything wrong about that.

-- Jim
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I noticed the interest in colonscopies, not to mention poop. But if those guys on Castro didn't entice you, maybe you aren't gay afterall. Maybe.
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Goofy --- You're not?

Darn --- and there goes all my ideas of trying to convert you ---- right out the window.

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your posts always make me laugh!!  your a funny dude.
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