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I am one of the SVR after 72 weeks of Interferon +Riba

2 years ago I started Interferon and Ribavirin for 72  weeks..5 months before I finished the treatment  the triple treatment started.It was not easy,but now more than 6 months after end of Interferon I am UNDETECTED=SVR.
I am happy,because after 25 and half years with HVC I am free of this enemy.
I have some tendonitis,  and sometime a pain on hands'fingers,maybe post treatment  effect,but I hope for better.
Best wishes and health to all the membres of this forum.This forum helped me very,very [email protected] years it was almost every day like my family and home.
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Congratulations, 72 wks,,,, what a battle you went through and won.
again congrats
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nice work! wow thats some tx! you must be so happy
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You won that battle! Finally you are free! Congratulations!
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congrats!!  enjoy your new life hep c free!!!!  belle
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  You did it!!!  I am glad you completed your goal, and were cured, 72 weeks Tx shows you have amazing steadfastness, and endurance.  
   Enjoy your Hep C free life~
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72 wks---wow, you're tough!  Congrats!!!
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I can empathize with your feeling of great relief.
Enjoy your hep c free life !
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Congratulations on your wonderful report of being cured. Best wishes in your new hep free life!
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Thank you and all the best for all of you.For us and for our freedom(free of virus)
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Hi carmencita...
I remember you being on here when you first began more than 2 years ago and thrilled to see you back with this news!

Congrats to you and stay well!..

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I remember you too and am SO GLAD at your outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wow - old school, 72 weeks.  There is a club 72 thread here drifting around the archives somewhere.   What was your trigger to do 72?  When did you reach UND.  I congratulate you.  72 has got to be rough and you perservered.  Thanks for telling us.

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I don't often check in here, but I'm thrilled to see your post on an SVR after 72 weeks - welcome to the club!! I'm almost  2 1/2 year post and though the first one after finishing tx was kinda grim with symptoms similar to yours, they have all abated, and life is good indeed! Keep to a healthy/liver-friendly lifestyle and you should rebound in short order. Yeah for you!!!!
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Wow 72 week!  Dont hear that much these days!   Congratulations  :D
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Yippee for you!!!!!!
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Thank you again.
nygirl7: you were one of my" model" to continue 72 weeks.
paen53 ,his3707 ,willbb :  I remember you  and I read your reports many times.
Yours too BigDaddy.
frijole: I am sure you will give us te same good news very soon.
orphanedhawk:you  won a very difficult battle and I am happy for you.
Again, thank you to all the members and I wish to all of you a happy and easy SVR!!!!!
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So good to hear after such a long battle.  Great to see you can now live a Hep C Free life.  Congrats and enjoy!
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