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I need Aranesp and Neulasta.....

So I posted a two weeks ago about my cbc counts being low and needing the aranesp and neulasta.  I have been very sick thhis past week it has been awful!  I have been waiting for our insurance company to authorize the meds.  I called the doctors today to find out what is going on, the nurse told me that the insurance company said they won't authorize the meds unless I am in kidney failure.  I don't know about any of you but to me that sounds kind of drastic.  So now I have no clue what we are going to do about my blood counts but damn I just want to feel a little better.  In a 24 hour day I am lucky if im up 5 to 6 hours other than that Im sleeping.  This is crazy!!!!!!   Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on at home remedies until my doctor can get me something to help?  I need some kind of help even with the anitdepressants Im still overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes to everyone
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I also wondered if they would cover epo or neupagen?
I would call and ask why? Also I know are some groups Nygirl and others have mentioned that can help Caring hands I think?  

I understand how bad you feel my hemolglobin just went down to 9.o  now its 9.3

Best of luck
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I'd suggest that you pick up the phone and call the insurance co yourself to get an inuurance provider to insured point of view.  Do you know if the doc's office specifically tried to get Aranesp and Neulasta approved?  These two, in particular, are the most expensive drugs for Anemia and Low ANC's respectively.  I can see why an ins. co. may be reluctant to approve.  Do you know if the doc also (or instead of) requested approval for plain ol' epo or filgrastim (which are the more commonly known products for anemia/anc's)?
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Hey G-Girl,  That sooo sucks about your ins people, If I didn't know better I'd swear you were kidding about them waiting for you to go into Liver Failure before they pay for your meds. That just sounds so insane to me.  Why not contact the AMA American Medical Assoc. , and ask them about your ins. co. Best of luck getting Med. Attn. I can't stop shaking my head, this is so wrong, on so many levels.  Hugs, try to keep your chin up,  Ant B
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2 months ago I needed either Procrit or Aranesp because of the anemia,(hgh drooped to 10.1) My equilibrium was off so I went to the emergency room I was leaving town the next morning I told them about the meds I was taking they said they would take my hgh if I was below 11. they would give me the procrit....

I didn't stay in the emergency room because it would have taken too much time I had a 6am flight to the Caribbean the next morning.I was supposed to get an Aranesp delivery the day before but it didn't get here,I went on vacation feeling pretty bad but a bad day in paradise is better than a worse day in winter....

I still had a great time...

BTW Aranesp comes in 2 strengths from what the druggist told me, 1500 & 1800 I took the 1500 after 2 shots it brought my hgh up over 11 so  I held off taking the rest
I have a big co-pay so I'm trying to conserve the meds I still have 2 shots left My hgh is holding over 11.so I hope it stays there

If you wait for the Ins approval for the Aranesp I would recommend getting the stronger strength

Hope that helps hang in there giz this too shall pass

All the best Rangle  

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