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I'm there now!! LOL

Doc used the words "You are cured!"  Oh what a feeling!
He'll check again at the 1, 2, and 3 year mark.  He'll just do
a Qual. then.   I told him I would feel like a million bucks if I could take the Interferon
lozenge or a small dose each week. .
He said I'm the only patient who felt better on interferon.  (The Riba is another story)
It stops my flare-ups of RA and such.  Anyway...
What a relief, and thanks to all who helped me along the way.
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Congratulations!! I get to be the first to gongratulate you, too!

Best wishes,
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Congratulations!  A whole bunch of good news in the forum this week.  Great stuff.
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What a beautiful word, so happy for you.
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Great news!  Congratulations!  That must feel sooooo goood!!!
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It's the jackpot, Enigma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to a so special gal, and the very first in the forum to help me.

It's sure intriguing about you and interferon, don't you think?  I didn't realize interferon had kind qualities until now!


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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!! Congratulations! I am so so happy for you... May you have fun living a hep free life forever!

Hugs, Marcia
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Congratulations on your great news!
Stay well,
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You did it friend...you did it!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I truly CANT imagine what it must feel like...........
I wish you all the peace and health in the world!

GO CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations, what wonderful news!  Let the happy dancing begin.

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CONGRATS, I  hope cloud nine is big enough to hold all the happiness you must feel!  

again congrats

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Yay!! CURED. What a beautiful word. :)
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Oooooh, that is such wonderful news, I've gone a bit squishy reading your post, sniffle sniffle.  Congratulations!
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"What a relief" (understatement of the year lol);  What a huge miraculous awesome life-changing magical tremendous celebratory relief!!!!   Big congrats to you; well done!!
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Congratulations, no more shots and no more pills. Well unless you miss them. :)
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Congrats and so glad for you.  What joy those three words "you are cured" must give you.

I wish you health, happiness and a long life.
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Congrat to you, what wonderful words to hear!!

peace and happiness!
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Wish you the best,
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Way to go!

So happy for you!

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Thank you all.  It was a rough year but well worth it.
My wish for all of you is the same outcome.
We will get easier drugs to tolerate one day but until
then, we fight the virus with we we got.
Thanks again for everything...
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Oh another one!! :) Yahhhhhh!!!

CONGRATULATIONS X!  You guys are seriously cheering me up this morning!
Smiling ear to ear and so happy to see another reach SVR!

Very happy for you, wishing you better health and a happy Hep C free life ahead!
I know it was a rough year, amazing how those 3 little letters change your life now.

And thank you back, for being here, LL
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WHOO HOO!!!! Another SVR! OMG! Where's the party?!? Apparently there's something in the meds that's doing it for more of us! -And to think I almost chickened out of doing treatment...Join jd and me in the Happy Dance of SVR! Happy! Happy! Joy!Joy! Death to dragons!Yah! Yah! -and in the words of the Beatles: Hey, Hey, Hey! Goodbye! (I moon our dragons at their eulogy! -Ah, if only I had a wider screen...) ~Melinda
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Your cured wondeful words indeed!!
Big congratulations !!!!

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Congratulations!  Now this is behind you and you can go on without thinking about this virus.  Wonderful, just wonderful!
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YaY to you too!  I'm reading so many SVR posts today that I'm going to burst with joy for all of you!
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