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Immigrating Uruguay SVR 5 years! Cured

Is there an interdiction for people who have been cured of HepC to immigrate to Uruguay?
Do Drs consider us cured? Or a health danger?
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First I wanted to say congratulations for your SVR!! So happy for you.  The only way I could see doing this would be to show them your paperwork.  Or...perhaps like me you could get a letter from your doctor saying you are cured.  That is what I did before back surgery a few years ago.
My only problem is that it still shows on my medical records which frustrates me because it doesn't say I am cured, just says Hep C.
I am trying to get this fixed on my records to show it is not active.  I have to make a trip to the doctor, I did not realize it until recent surgery
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Hi Marie

I have seen that hep c can be a problem as far as immigration to some countries. Yes doctors do consider us cured but the immigration rules may be another matter as even though we test negative for the actual virus we will forever test positive for antibodies to hep c.

Antibodies are not the virus they are made by our own bodies in an attempt to fight the hep c virus.

We don't have hep c and are not a health hazard really we never were much of a health risk but the rules are made by the immigration authorities.

To get a good answer I suggest you discuss this with an immigration attorney or look up the regulations for immigration to Uruguay or possibly contact the Uruguay consulate closest to you.

Good luck and congratulations on being free from hep c
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