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Incivek Triple TX

Hello I am trying to find out how many people have finished the triple tx, when, and how you are feeling?  I was thinking it might help "newbies" who are coming on looking for answers.  As many have said, people who go on to SVR do not come back as they are busy living their lives so rarely do we hear the good though there are many here who still come back to help us all
I took last injection 2/11, riba 2/17, was behind on blood work so had my 24th week done on the 27th week.  I am UND and even better my blood work was so improved I did not think it was mine.  I am slowly feeling better yes still have sx though I am concentrating on the positive so wanted to share that.   I was told it would be very hard for me as I was at the beginning of cirrhosis.  I do not feel I could have worked the first 12 weeks though perhaps the sx are worse for those that have more damage?  Not sure.  Maybe I am a wimp LOL.   Despite that my doctor said 24 weeks.  I can not express how grateful I am to each and everyone who was so supportive during my tx.  It was rough, there were times I wanted to quit but there was always support here. Always people to cheer me on and help me take that next injection.  I would love to hear how others are doing after using the new DAA's.  
Thank you everyone, God Bless You

A very special thank you to my "friends" who have been just wonderful,
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Hi Dee,   10 Days post triple tx w/ Inc and today I feel fabulous.   (for the most part)     The first week to 9 days post tx was a doosie.   Seemed like I had more itching, rashes that appeared out of no where.   Hair is still thinning, but I dont care, I still have hair.  Lots of nausea and depression .  However , the last two day have been way different and I got to tell ya its amazing.    I am eating like a horse, and I need to watch that because I am a little on the chubby side.     My WBC and RBC are great, I never did have to go to any extra Blood helpers.    I was a rapid responder to triple tx at 4 , 12 & 24 weeks.    ALT/ AST has been all over the place and at 24 weeks was at 96/98, but was alot of different changes of meds, per say at the end of INC, ,my BP spiked to 200/105 and they put me on 4 different BP meds to get it down,  I also had an EDG and was under anesthesia and at 21 weeks, had my gall bladder removed and was put on narcotics for pain for one week.    So alot of changes now, off all BP meds, and only on AD and anxiety meds for now due to other illness.   Coughing has been an issue for the last 12 weeks but is subsiding.   Coughing to the point of loosing my whole upper register in my voice, but it gaining back.  
I am as well concentrating on  positive, and staying around positive people, this changes the whole mind set.    I have alot to catch up on and I am making goals and not trying to over do it.   Just a little at a time.  
I am very greatful for all the wonderful support during this journey all though it is not over with yet, I couldnt of done the hard part with out all of you.   I have gained some very loving friends out there in Hep world and hope to hear from everyone in the near future.    
If I had to do this all over again for 6 months I would if it means it will save my life.   Treatment was not cake walk for me, and I know I didnt have it as hard as some but maybe harder than some.  I was not able to work at all and I have not worked for 10 years due to the illness.   So now I am very greatful and looking forward to a very productive Happy Life.  
God Bless To All.    Carrie    Livinontheedge  
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Your comment was great, thank you so very much, after posting I found that others have reached SVR, some who were forced to quit early are still UND.  I am very happy for you and I appreciate you sharing your information.  I think the sharing is very important for new people coming on line to find help for their virus.
Bless you
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I meant to ask about people on DAA's so sorry did not mean to exclude anyone would like anyone to give feedback, any one
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Carrie you are an inspiration.  It is humbling to realize what you just went through.  May I give you a standing ovation just enduring with your inner strength not only intact but somehow with a new resilience.

And you Dee, also had major challenges but always had room in your heart to commiserate.  Just had to acknowledge when I couldn't take another damn step or pill - your stories got me through.

March 3rd, that's only 5 days ago, was my last riba.  I did the 24 wks triple with Incivek, 1 transfusion - 6.3 hemo, was like being the walking dead, a couple riba reductions, one week of no riba, slept through a couple incveks, screwed up my procrit injections a lot, felt incredible emptiness and fragility but didn't really care.  Tried to sleep through this entire ordeal and that just didn't happen.  Nothing to really complain about compared to others.  

I still have a deep cough which my PA didn't seem concerned with and I lost a few lbs.  I keep hearing the song "Summertime" in my head and I am glad I left no stone unturned to get this treatment!!!

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Dear Liz, you inspire me, to hear a small part of your story is just amazing.  While I did have different scary problems nothing to compare to what you went through.
My hats off to you dear lady.  You have really helped me so much, thank you, bless you.  I hope you start to feel better.  I was amazed to see baby hairs after 3 weeks and while I do easily tire, I am doing much more than before.  I have to go get a dumpster to get all this junk out of my house :)
Thank you again,
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Thanx Doll,  It is nice to be on the other side of the mountain I was once dreading.  Yeay!!  I hope others will add a bleep here.  I want to see SVR's.
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I am 2 weeks post tx, and I feel wonderful.. Still not 100%, but a whole lot better than being on tx.  My appetite is also back in full force.. I'm all about food now that I can actually taste things.. I eat breakfast and an hour later I'm looking at the clock to see if it is time for lunch..  I did have night sweats last night and some joint pain in my hips.. but, nothing I can't deal with..  
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Thank you for posting, I know that many people SVR and go on to live their lives.  I thought it would help some people to know how others are doing as they finish the DAA's
Thank you and may we all SVR

after that I would like to stop losing my hair :)
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