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Is Your Doc Paid by Big Pharma?

Now you can look it up yourself in this database...........

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Wow .. a real quick not 100% accurate calc for all =

Rough total apx. , 870 million dollars

"Drug companies have long kept secret details of the payments they make to doctors and other health professionals for promoting their drugs. But 12 companies have begun publicizing the information, some because of legal settlements. ProPublica pulled their disclosures into a database so patients can search for their doctor. Accepting payments isn’t necessarily wrong, but it can raise ethical issues"
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You know I felt something like this is happening with the large medical facility where I'm at as far as filling my prescriptions.  They just "informed" me they had sent over for a pre-approval.  I questioned and was very confused as I thought I would be taking to my local pharmacy.  The mail order place is from Florida and I was betting there was some agreement that if they help get the pre-approvals they would get the business, as well as be donating money towards their research (did I say that clearly?).  

I received the first set of meds to start, but when I went in to the doctor yesterday to start treatment, I asked that the prescription be transferred to my pharmacy as I wanted to keep the money local.  I was told that they probably wouldn't carry it.  I told them that I had already spoken with them and that they are happy, with one days notice, to have on hand for me.

Like I said, this is a large research facility, and I'm sure many kick backs come in to play in funding everything, but on the flip side, when I went in, they said that if for some reason I lost my insurance, that they had ways of making sure I could continue to afford the medications.  So, I guess it works out in the end.  

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Yep paid for research 70K
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Consulting and research payments likely revolve around studies. Better your doctor than the guy down at the Jiffy Lube, right?. Speaking of which, too bad it's taken cause Jiffy Lube would have been a good name for a post-menopausal hormone replacement product....  
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Personally I'm glad they have a special pharmacy. My pharmacy will charge me more on co pays and when I question them they say call you insurance company. This hasn't happened at all with the special pharmacy. No problem with anything. Co pay accuracy, fast delivery so I never run out of meds. I'm happy to have the special pharmacy.
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