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Is thinning grey hair stronger?

We have lots of conversations here about thinning hair in here.  Some loose a lot more than others, does anyone have any theories  about the greyness mattering, concerning  thinning and greying hair?
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My doc had a therory that I was not able to dispute while on tx.  He said that the thinning was more a matter of the individul hair shafts thinning, not necessarily wholesale hair loss.  Many people have written that they see gobs of hair in the drain and those are the ones who cite hair loss. In my experience, my hair was thinner but not a loss. So, I can't dispute what my doc said, but many can. As for gray hair and gray matter; I've never had a gray hair but it may have been the gray matter that went down my drain.
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Well they you loose an average of 75- 100 hairs a day normally.   Also they say (they??)    grey  hair is tougher than regular hair.  I have some of this little grey corkscrews  popping up all over my head!  They are pretty tough!

You have never had grey hair? NOT FAIR!   My grey matter brain wise is gone! Note my typing lol!
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Fl guy is probably a blondie they dont get grey as easy as we darkies.
I´ve heard that grey hair shafts is hollow so it aught to be weaker then ordinary not grey hair shats.
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Well geesh,  I should of been born  Norwegian instead of Italian!    
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LOL!!! I have little grey , for 50, and what IS up with them coming in curly cue!? Like those 'other' hairs :)

My hair loss, while very lucky in it over all, was long strands, so guess the hair shaft theory could be right??

Note....all the hairs that grew back are not curly cues...YET!

Either way......Clairol it WILL be. Guess I'll just have to buy straightener too :)
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I haven't seen my grey come through in years.   Every time I go to 'grow out' my dye some smart alec at work mentioned that it 'was time to get the dye out' or that I was 'starting to show my age'  (I deserved it for the flack I gave others at every available opportunity)...

So I'm taking this opportunity to see how grey I am.  There are some curly greys coming through, and definitely a silver sheen across the brown.  

On mono-tx I 'thinned' in the 5th and 6th month, but not noticeably to other people.  I grew my hair and wore it up - doing the same this time if it doesn't start driving me crazy;  it's sooooooo nice to see my OWN hair (or is it tx hair? mmmm.. just another part of my strange kind of normal these days)..
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One of the first things I heard or read, when joining this forum, was DO NOT DYE HAIR,  Nurse also told me not to, it can damage already weak follicles. I had never heard that before and had already txed twice, dying the whole way through!

Kristina: I keep thinking the same thing,  then I see it and I panic and I break the no dye rule! lol since last Nov I have only done it 3 or 4 times.  

LL you are so funny!  Yeah they keep popping up on my head!    

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I must admit I was motivated (both times) to keep away from chemicals;  I'm such a big baby when it comes to sx's.   If it meant that my body stayed compartively comfortable, I gotta say I don't really mind if I look like a monster.

I hope I recover quickly enough to retuirn to work 4 weeks after tx - figures I just may leave my hair it's natural grey/brown state with some highlights.   I actually quite like grey hair on women, but in the business world there seems to be a bit of pressure (perceived?).   I would've liked to dye it and carry on like the immortal being I pretended to be, but needs dictate....  I feel very very human these days!!!!
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lol ok,  i have to say I never thought I was particularly vain,    till it came down to the wire,  I think perhaps because this Infergen is so much harder than my other treatments, I am italian, I like the confidence of dressing well and looking ok.

I have also always thought people percieve you and more importantly how you percieve yourself more important, even in schools children who are dressed better, have an easier time. That seems very unfair to me, but it is the way it is.

I know I have gone the let it go grey, to oh heck no!  I dunno I do know I want to work again, I want to  spend time in the world again!  

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hehe - I'm only 4 months into this and I'm sure I will be panicking by the time more grey comes through.  

I like to THINK I will be okay with it (but have the vague feeling that when I get my body back from the tx-body-snatcher I'll be shouting myself another chemical upgrade :-)...
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giggles,  Well in fact your right,  mine started when I was like 24, dark hair,  just recently I see how much there really is of it!    Think I will dress as a old crone for halloween! lol!
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A friend of mine used to insist on 'plucking' out a grey hair if she saw one on me!!!!  She didn't like me allowing myself to look 'old' (I was about 30 then!!).

It IS all perceptions, but I once heard that we all "put on a face" every day to face the world - our hair, make-up, clothes, smile, jewellery is all part of that face BUT it is nice to chill occasionally and just BE.   When we can carry my confidence and the attitude, we don't need any of the other stuff,  but of course,  the other stuff makes it easier to carry the confidence and the attitude lol!!  

So, if you're going to dress like an old crone, go the full mile with ATTITUDE!! (I doubt you could to the 'crone' bit without the inner beauty showing through) - Have a wonderful Halloween :-)..
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My salt and pepper hair (more salt than pepper) was thick and strong and wavy pre-TX and began breaking and falling out around week 12 of TX.  I figure I lost maybe 1/3 of it, and what was left was wimpy -- thin, frail and poker straight. I didn't notice any difference in loss between the brown and white ones. I had to keep it cut very short because it just broke off all the time.

It started gowing in better after TX, and about 8 or 9 months later my hairdresser said my hair didn't seem nearly as wimpy. She cut it a little differently and left it a little longer and presto, you could see the waves again.  

I imagined that the folicles were weakened during treatment and produced weaker hairs that broke and fell out easily. After TX the folicles started feeling better and produced stronger hair again.

At this point in life, with this illness (the virus rebounded), the color of my hair is at the bottom of my list of concerns. I'm happy to have it and I actually love the white ones.

But then, I've always had a bit of a 'tude.

Best to you all
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My husband used to tell our daughter he would give her a nickle for every grey she pulled, It got kind of expensive, so he began blowing the pile so she was out of luck!   Now he is almost all grey!   can I say karma?

Goose this is my third time,  i still care,  not so much unless I am going in public,  my hair is also very straight now.  
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You are a hero for trying the third time!  Hope this one is the charm.  Best wisses

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naw no hero, but i may need a wig, for my press conferences! LOL kidding!
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Hey you know full well by week 72 I was a baldie bean and my wigs saved my life - dontcha make no fun of my wigs, I'll give ya the evil eye girlie!  ;)

By the way my hair grew back DARK DARK I mean really dark.......maybe it will help you!
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My hair is light brown, light red, blond, and now some grey (acually, white).  The grey ones are real sturdy and even though they all sparkle, the grey's are like the red ones.. .they kinda' GLOW.  

If I'm going to have lunch with a guy I like, I try to maneuver him to a table with direct sunlight. :-)  The risk being that I'm also over 50, so you can get the occasional wild "whisker" that's white, and they glow too!  LOL  I HATE it when that happens.
Those chin ones are only ones that need to fall out during treatment!  lol  I like being sparkle-woman!  Add in a tad of hightlighter and they ALL pop!  

But hey Deb, I bought a cowboy hat online that benefits pancreas research (what my mother died from). It's shapeable, black, and it has sparkles all over it!  So if I do go ahead and perm, and it falls out, at least I can still be SPARKLY!  lol  I think it was at luvyourhat.com and she had pink ones too.

Here's something I read once about grey hair that I thought was interesting.  Someone had written in asking why stress appeared to turn a person "grey overnight". They answered that high stress actually didn't TURN the hair grey, but that it made hair fall out FASTER, and be replaced by grey.

You are too a hero!!  Just for keeping that sense of humor, if nothing else!!

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The chin hair comments are great!  I usually can't see them until they are long enough to braid and I can see the sparkle, then it seems like they are rooted in cement when I try to tweeze them. And you're right -- not a one fell out during TX.
Thanks to all your heroes for sharing and caring.
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ok Ny sis now your starting to sound italian in  typing, I think amica mia the malocchio, can bea senta backa to youa!  You were hot even with your wigs, so pppfttt! I am a crone now!    

OK I know I had to go look closer at hair, I am jealous of cat,  my hair is not grey is is a beautiful silver!  Shinning brightly in the sun!  If i had enough to throw over my shoulder I would!  For effect! :>))))

Mmm I will get a new scarf!

Nope no hero at all here,  just me.
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My greys are pretty tough too!  I have dyed the entire time during TX, not as often as i would normally (thats was only because of the rash).  I have the thinning, and its not so bad, its just looks burnt and unhealthy, no shine to it.

On the weekends If I am staying in, there is a product called cholestrol treatment, it helps with the dry scapl and adds a bit of moisture to your hair.  I put it in and put a scarf on my head.  It seems to help a little.

Silver is very becoming TOO!!!!

NY Deb I may by a wig for halloween for fun and maybe even wear after!!!
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I don't know about that hair thinning bit, I had wholesale hair LOSS, it was everywhere.  It would pile up on the pillow next to my head in just one day and it was in huge clumps on the floor and even got into my food every time I would eat.  I have REALLY REALLY thick hair normally and I would have been completely bald otherwise but I still lost so much hair that the thinning showed my scalp through it towards the end.  It happened AFTER my tx but then, my bone marrow shut down around then too from all of the interferon and maybe that had something to do with it.
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Mine is thining, but not  so much balding,  most in the hairline front.   My hair is really fine,  but there is a lot of if.    

Ala   I sure wish you would feel better!   You have been through so much!     Worry about you. If I go bald totally I will  write messages on the back of my head!      
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Deb - Will you use a mirror to write messages on the back of your head (lol -  the mind boggles)....

And 'wholesale hair loss' ? !!! (that would be a good line on an advertisement for hair growth cream - Alagirl, you've missed your calling!!)

And strong glowing grey ones? (maybe this IFN is radioactive 'cos mine are like that too?)..

And chin hair refusing to budge.  Hehe the joys of being 50.ish. (I've got one 'friend' on my chin who has been returning since my teens).

Of course ladies, you do realise these are all 'wisdom scars' .........
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well i hadn't thought that far in advance Kristina!  lol I am guessing if I use mirror you will have to know how to read backwards!    maybe i can get some premade stick ems!  

You know after my accident I was on steroids,  honestly I grew so much hair! Most weird!   Gone now, but it was weird, I could of  been in a circus!

Oh wisdom scars, i think we all have enough of those, i guess the question is what did we  learn from it?
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Well, it is 11 am and I just got out of bed about an hour ago -- a sleep-in day, "recovering" from a few days of activity and insufficient napping.  

It is good to hear from all you wise, lovely women. Last time I was in graduate school (I am highly over-educated) a told a professor that the more I studied the more I realized I didn't know. She said that is the sign of wisdom.  Maybe that's what aging is -- gaining wisdom over "smartness." I've learned a lot -- most of it the hard way -- but I feel less "smart" as time goes by.  And that's just fine. Wow, that sure sounded philosophical!

In my years of my growing wisdom (about to turn 59) and especially after unsuccessful TX,  I've decided to try to have more fun. So early this month I took a friend with me to see the Allman Brothers Band, a favorite in the 1960s and 70s. I was "high" on iced tea and my silver hairs shone at the outdoor concert. [Gregg Allman has undergone TX for HCV so I feel a kinship with him. (The other act was Phil Lesh -- a former Grateful Dead-er -- and Friends, and Lesh has HCV and a successful liver transplant).]

This week I am taking another old friend to see Jackson Browne in concert. I don't know about his HCV status, but he sure was pretty when he was young and I bet he still is.

So, rock on, everybody.  Happy Tuesday.

PS -- these concerts require a couple of days rest before and after, but it's worth it.
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Where are you seeing Jackson Browne?  He's a favorite of mine.  I'm taking my beloved to see Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger at the Thanksgiving show at Carnegie Hall - its part of our EOT celebration.  There will be lots of silver hair shining in the lights there, and not just mine!

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How exciting and what a great pair.  Maybe even Alice's Restaurant. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

I live in Birmingham, AL and Jackson Brown is playing here in the Alabama Theater, a fabulous old (probably more than 75 years) theater still in it's red velvet, boxed seat glory. Browne has a new CD (I dont' have it) out and I guess this is a promotional tour.  I don't care what he sings -- I will love every minute of it.  

My dear husband has never been much into music (family background and then severe hearing disabilities) so I take old friends.  

Hope you and "beloved" have a wonderful celebration and that you have much to be thankful for.

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You know you hit a  truism for me, something I truly believe,  the more you know, the less you know.  I am not highly educated, except maybe in the world.  But there is always something naive to me about folks who know it all.    Of course age has something to do with personal growth lol!

Oh I loved Jackson Brown, say a prayer for the pretender,  who started out so young young and strong, only to surrender.  He was a hotty!   Then I got mad at him for hitting Darryl hannah, he blew my whole image of him!  

I would still go see him! I wish I could see Van Morrison again also!

If I ever go, I would have to dye my hair lol! The skunk silver stripe down the middle would distract the singer!


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Yes, the Darryl Hannah stuff was awful, but he is so FINE that part of me wanted to be in denial and say she was a nutjob who made it up*

I decided I still like his music enough to see him anyway.

Maybe Van will swing your way again.  


*I don't really think that she did it and don't mean to imply that abuse is acceptable.
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I know, no worries, I thought how could such a beautiful writter, be like that? I was confused! His lyrics were so deep.

Oh well, we should just rock on!   I love Van, first time i saw him he was trashed!

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Indeed, you noticed that your gray hair is stronger and it is. When hair follicle experts look to grow follicles, they were able to see that gray hair was less likely to fall out in thinning peach fuzz starter hairs in men, the grays tend be wire like and stronger. Even when people see their first gray hair, those are hard to pull out, which is a no-no by the way, and dyes are like shampoo, ph balanced shampoos are best, it is OK to dye your thinning gray hair, but not suggested during pregnancy. Gray hair looks good and if fits you, skip the dyes, it's one less hassle.
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