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It's official

12 week Eot test Svr......Yahoo!!!!! Happy. Happy happy.... Yippee...
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Is it OK to think I am cured?
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Awesome news... Congrats!!! I was undetected at post 12 weeks too... Doctor says cured but venter of disease control in BC won't officially say cured until  24 weeks post! I took my test sept 22 and "patiently" waiting lol....

Enjoy being hep c free!!
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Congrats!  According to my doctor, the odds of relapsing after SVR12 are minuscule but did request labs for SVR24 just to be sure. I'm not even going to spend a minute thinking about that.

Great news, you should be thrilled.

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Yes I am very happy my doctor only wants to see me next year for another viral load
I will ask for another in six months
He told me the only way it could come back is if I get reinfection.
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Thanks to here who took the time for me with all my fears and doubts. Could not have stayed sane without all your kind words and support. You are all my heroes and friends
Warm wishes to all of you and only the best.
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Darn phone I meant thanks to all.. here

Now I should brush on my typing skills.
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Based on your Gt (1a?) I believe you can claim your cure.  I believe your Dr must feel the same way, as s/he did not schedule you for a 24week EOT Lab.

Congratulations!!!!!  What wonderful news!  I can just see you and Momof.. Doing a double Happy Dance, with the rest of us standing around cheering y'all on!

Welcome to your Hep C Free life!  Please don't forget to post this on nan535's SVR or Relapse thread!


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Your cured!   Congratulations!
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Yes I actually called the clinical nurse 3 times for her to tell me it was true.
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"Yes I actually called the clinical nurse 3 times for her to tell me it was true"

Laughing...Congrats Printze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fabulous news!!
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Congratulations! I actually went to the clinic each time to get printouts of the viral load test!
Another dragon bites the dust!
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Congratulations on your SVR 12! That is terrific news.  I know you must feel so relieved. Now go and enjoy your HepC-free life. Happy for you.

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such wonderful news!!!!!

~ Linda
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I am so grateful I still can't get my head around it.. Hep c free... Yes yes yes...
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congrats, I know it's been a long haul.
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Went to see my gp today he received my results my hepatologist faxed him and he told me to and enjoy my good health first time in years I received a clean bill of health it feels surreal...
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Time to celebrate. Congratulations!

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I waited 4 years for Harvoni refused to do any of the past tx thank God I was able and had F2 fibrosis. So grateful I feel so good and everyone comments how good I look truly amazing so happy.
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This is fantastic news!  I am so happy for you.  Gosh, get out the red dancing shoes.  I am so glad you were able to wait for Harvoni. Interferon was awful
Time is the only thing that seemed to help
Have a great life!!
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p.s. you are cured!!
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Yes I am cured... I don't like this new we'd forum format
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Congratulations!!!   Your cured!!
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