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Jury duty?

I have gotten two jury duty summons this month. Postponed the first, fine. And then San Francisco wants me too. So I requested a release due to the fact I would have to eat in court, when I take my Vic. I also sent in 4 pages describing drugs and labs... Hope this works. And I was polite. Given I had 5 days to return info, I did not get my docs signature. Hey, this was work; give me a break universe!
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Otherwise get a note from your doctor if you are unable to do jury duty. I have never had a problem in SF. They understand when someone is ill and unable to commit to jury duty.
I would imagine others (diabetics?) must also eat periodically. Not sure if that is excusable. But if you have blood draws or doctor visits then you can't be there all the time. You can't be a jury member if you have other commitments die to health issues.

For Superior Court SF
Civic Center Courthouse, 400 McAllister St., Room 007 and the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St., Room 307

"Excuses from service may be granted in specific circumstances. If you want to request to be excused, read the excuse and disqualification options on the Response Form (on the back of the summons). Requests for excuse or disqualification must be received in writing and cannot be accepted over the phone. To request excuse or disqualification, complete the appropriate boxes on the Response Form, sign and date the form, and return to the Court in the envelope provided. You will be notified by mail only if your excuse is denied. To check on the status of your request, you may call the automated system at (415) 551-3608 and enter your badge number."

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I was summoned to do jury duty also.  My doctor immediately sent the courts a letter to excuse me for one year. I appreciated that.   Good luck.
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Thanx for the automated #; I've added it to my contact list. Crossing my fingers that my letter works, as is.
The hardest part of my tx, is dealing with simple tasks, like writing a letter or picking up th phone. The court gave me 5 days to respond. I did send them a copy of my standing orders for lab work.

@ brianmo, it just occurred to me today that I could have had my doc email me a signature. As Anna roseannadanna used to say, "if it ain't this, it's that"... I was just trying to get something in the mail fast. Thanx for the response.
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I got jury duty while on tx, and I just wrote on the return sheet that I was too sick from interferon treatment for hep c to do anything.
That was the end of that.
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Anna rosannnadanna!  Love it. Gilda Radner was one of the greatest.
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It will work..

The court doesn't want you sitting there with a tuna sandwich, chips  and a gallon of water.

If by chance there's a snag in the plan your doctor will help out.

Can you imagine if it turned out to be a long trial??

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Follow up report. Now I need to get my doctor to write a letter, reporting why I can work, and yet not attend court. I know my doc is not in his office 'til next Monday and I'm now on a time crunch. Solution, I called the jury office and was able to postpone 'til January. My other local postponement is for thanksgiving week. I'll be finishing all meds on Oct. 20th. Anyway, I have this temporary solution in place.

Next hurdle, please!
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Jury duty, bobble head, no focus, and RIBA rage.  That could make a great Saturday night live skit.  Defendant wouldn't stand a chance though when I was on tx.
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Okay, next time I need a good laugh, I'm going to picture the bobble head sitting in a courtroom.
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