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Just Uploaded My Labs for 12 Weeks

I don't really have a question but am just letting you all know that I posted my labs for my first 12 weeks of triple therapy with Incivek. It's in the photos section of my profile. I know I always found this type of information useful.

Note:  I was advised to reduce my Peg Intron due to low platelets. I accidentally did 150 mcg. in week five due to getting the wrong Redipen then in week six I started reducing. Platelets bounced back up around 70 so I've kept my dose at 96 mcg. My weight is down to 165 lbs. from 175 lbs. so I am now injecting the recommended dose of Peg Intron.

This took me about two hours to do this morning so I must be feeling better on my 2nd day off Incivek. I NEVER would have had the energy to do this before. I hope some of you find it useful.
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Awesome! I went through the whole treatment 14 months. I hope that you do well on the treatment. I had every side anyone could ever have on incivek. lol am now four and a half post tx, still neg. So hang in there! God Bless Merry Christmas & Happy New Year..
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Looking good, are you doing 24 or 48 weeks?
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Thanks Patches and congratulations on completing what sounds like a real battle and for remaining virus-free.

Diana66 I'm doing 24 weeks. Hang in there, I've followed your posts and you've had it pretty rough.
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Looks good. Great you were UND at 4 weeks. Did you have a 12 week viral load drawn? If so, was it also UND?

Congrats on getting through the Incivek. I know it is a tough drug.
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I had the blood drawn Monday and the result is probably in but I am thinking of waiting until my appt. this Monday to hear the news. I know it sounds crazy but if there is bad news on the 12th week VL I do not want to get it by email or on the phone.

Yes, the Incivek was a b**** and I'm glad it's over.
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