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Just a suggestion to movie goers

I hope this doesn't get bumped...   I saw a really good movie last weekend.  The Harrison Ford movie: Extraordinary Measures.  It might sound like a sad movie, but it is based on a true story and the ending is very good (not sad).  It's actually a very inspirational type of movie.  It enlightened me a little bit about how much behind the scenes BS goes on when we're hoping and waiting for a drug to be FDA approved!  Susan400
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I love a good thriller film

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Hope u dont mind me suggesting a good film to check out,havnt seen it yet bit gonna do her now.Just right click on the download button and click on "save as"..save to your desktop and ur good to go.Streaming the film takes too long but its good for reviewing before the  loading....Enjoy

I sen the trailer and it was pretty intense

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