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Just some Forcasts

Have posted this here about how R & D  reflects Gilead's standing in the future in large part due to it's HCV drug.

If this belongs on the  " Social Side"  Great.. Never paid much attention to which side my info.goes.



In addition to assessing forecast trends in prescription drug sales and R&D spending, World Preview 2018 also looks at therapy area growth and the performance of marketed and pipeline products. Among this year's key findings:

•In the race to become the top pharmaceutical company, in terms of total prescription drug sales, Novartis will emerge as a clear leader in 2018, with sales forecast to reach $51.3 billion by that year. That's $3 billion ahead of its closest competitors, Pfizer and Sanofi.
•Gilead Sciences is set to climb the most positions within the top 20, moving up seven places to number 15 with prescription sales of $15.1 billion in 2018, thanks in large part to the company's strong HIV franchise and impressive forecasts for GS-7977, its recently acquired development stage hepatitis C product.

•Gilead's potential new hepatitis C polymerase inhibitor, GS-7977 — forecast to achieve $5.4 billion in sales in 2018 — is the highest ranked R&D product in 2018. The second-highest ranked product currently in R&D is Biogen Idec's oral multiple sclerosis agent, BG-12, which is expected to reach $3.4 billion in sales in 2018.
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Thank you for sharing this information, good news!
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2018, huh?  Glad I didn't wait.  Will, are you waiting for that?
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Hi bean.

This was just the forcasrt they do for the next 6 years. It does not mean there won't be new modalitis by these companes pior to that.

Will I wait till 2018?   ..Oh heavens no.. I might be willing to ,however my liver may disagree.  :)

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2018 you mean they aren't just being mean and holding out on their drug? Shocker. Yeah when you think back to when Inc was Vx-950 in 2005 or so.....seems about the correct time line to get to FDA approval. Regardless of what a wonder drug it might be. Used to be we considered Inc to be the wonder drug. Even fast tracked it took what 6/7 years or so?

But the trials....yes dear Will there will be the trials and just like Andiamo one will be for you and you will be considered a ground breaker around here!   :)

SVR for Willbb!
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Again, let's keep this on topic.

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