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Hello to all,
I am new here and want to tell everything i know about hep c and by know means am not a Doctor or proclaim any kind of cure all . Please do your own research. All i can do is give advice that has helped me live almost 20 years with this virus.

Where to start.
Quickly i had a motorcycle accident when i was 18. I was a passenger. I broke my leg in 38 places and crushed my foot and arm. I was barely alive and lost half of my blood.I recieved a blood transfusion and it was before screening for hep-c was available. consequently it saved my life. What followed was 2 choices either die or live basically.
I am here writng so you kinda know what i chose. No regrets. After almost 3 months in a comma and to date 28 surgeries and counting i am still stronger than ever. It is mostly attitude but i give all the credit to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed to say this in anyway. and if you are turned off stop reading. It will come up again count on it. I am not here to preach but i will give him the glory. Ok wellllllll  there is so much to cover. LOW CALORIE LONGETVITY is one of my best sayings. often times hard to live with. Ok I smoked and quit many times and still fighting it. I drank and quit not really hard to stay away from alchohol. The best drugs are in the hospital anyway. We with hep c live in a catch 22, forgive the cliche but if we are sick or in pain we must watch what we take for our livers are like number one baby..  first off anything digested through the mouth goes through the liver twice. i did not know this for years and wish someone told me. Yea what an organ. So it is about choices. DIET IS HUGE.  I went vegan for 7 years even wheat free to rid myself of the gluten. I was married to a cleiac who was alergice to gluten. She was a vegan for 23 years way back and a holistic doctor sort of speak. I learned a bit from the marriage and will not go into any details other than the healing stuff. I am combining what i learned and what i learned from my ex wife.
Sooo where was i ... ohh yes Diet. I mean why make the liver work harder than it has to RIGHT.Most will say your crazy or i don't want  to be helped or another person trying to save everyone or he thinks he knows it all. Again just don't read anymore what can i say... ok  Eat less meat if you can. Eat less of everything. Juice in moderation. If you do the vegan thing remember L-carnitine,creatine and b-12 the basics. I feel the best when i am really trying to keep my diet in control. It is work, it is hard, it is sacrifice.
Once in a while treat yourself. Discipline is a learned thing. You will be weak, you will get frustrated and have deep thoughts about why and what. I say great to be alive. Hep c has changed my life like i never thought possible.
Opening my eyes to new things. Keeping me on the go ok ok i don't want to over do it you get it.
Diet then good vitamins. Get the good stuff. Liquid if you can it is easily assimalated. Another great product is MAXIMUM MILK THISTLE. just google it i don't have the web site but there is only one.No not the movie, They discount for hep patients. i think it is  www.maximummilkthistle.com  by natrual wellness
I lowered my count by 33% and i have been on it for many years, It fools the body into thinking it is food and is absorbed better into the liver than regular milk thistle. Yea TEN TIMES MORE. ok do the research.
It protects the healthy liver cells and keeps the hep away.
Another good thing is  from enzynmatic therapy  ACIDOPHYLIS PEARLS. ecoteric coated. They pass the stomach and are released into the bowels perfectly. I always take them.  Take care of your bowels we need the nutrients more than the healthy person. This is my first time writng here and i will add more when i can . i just breifly touched the surface. There is so much to tell and bare with my spelling. he he. CLEANSES are another good thing.
Then ones i like are saltwater cleans.(sea salt) or kosher salt. Nothing with iodine. in fact any salt you do should be the best like sea salt.  Another cleanse i like and with moderation for it is a diuretic DANDELION ROOT TEA.
Be sure to drink alot of water with this one. It is high in vitmains and also iron so men half to be careful but women my God you will love it.  I am skipping around and trying to organize it in my head so please bare with me. Ginger root is also good for the blood and many things . Digestion, all kinds of good stuff. no real side effects.
Again if you can drink it all the better. Fast food enzymes also help if you over ate a big dinner eat an enzyme or take some dandelion pills great for digestion and cleaning out the fatty liver. Schizandra berries , NAC, INOSTITOL,
flax seeds , the golden ones good for you, always be carefull not to take to much of these .. vitamins A.D,K AND E.
The body has a hard time with those. Sugar is death.ok i will say again SUGAR IS DEATH to the liver and the body.
I will tell you XYLITOL is the best. All other sugars are 6 carbon and are acidic and destructive to the body. XYLITOL (http://www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/xylitol_natural_sweetener.html )
is the only five carbon natrually occuring in fruit and the body in small quantities fda approved sweetness from the LORD i can't tell you how much better i feel after 3 years on it. I FEEL GREAT. read for yourself but beware of bad info. The sugar co. also blogs and googels and posts and they do not want you to know the horros they have put on this world.I am running out of room. I will try and find ways to get more info to you all. Stay strong don't give up. Remember the basics. good salt. good xylitol, good bowels, low calorie longevity. Eat biggest meal in the morning and very little before bed. I know sure it sucks. Try rice dream ice cream it takes time to get used to it but i will bet you will be better for it.
Stay away from dairy if you can. Soy products mixed with rice, rice cheese, rice milk perfect protein beans and rice. your liver will sing for joy he he.. not all soy it can hurt you with the isoflavones. just balance the two. Rice and soy..
Ok big huge love to all and to all until next time whew
I will post more tom.
Thanks for reading

Check this out.
This device called a HEMO MODULATOR where they use the  C BAND ultra light to kill the c virus.
This guy denny losko my brother back east built his house. You can google it and see the videos.
The government  really is carefull letting stuff like this get through because they have to figure out how to make money from it. He is still tied up with the FDA. They are doing trials on humans in Ca. and NY My bro says he will let me try if i want. I am strongly thinking of it. The blue light c band. Man they are really close to killing this thing so keep your heads up ok peace out man

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I would and did just use some sand weights on my ankles and wrists and did some mild walking but i and others always recommend to stretch before and after excercise.
Or swimming is a real good one. Strenuos exercise will almost always make me sore.
I studied  martial arts since i was a kid and always stretched. I like stretching so much it is all i do sometimes and i keep very fit that way. Ever see the singer sting from the police. He is mister stretch and for a guy keeps very fit. Yoga all that stuff. Even those without hep c get sore for weeks from strenuos exercise. Just my humble opinion :)
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What about exercise?  Does anyone have problems trying to exercise?  
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I am on TX now and know full well and first hand some of the risks and SX of the standard treatment. If TX doesn't work, I may be trying HM or anything. I'll see in about a year. Meantime, I hope this HM stuff works. What a great thing that would be.

Like your comment on danger, "No one here gets out alive"  :)

Best wishes,
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Your right i can't argue with that. This Hemo Modualtor is still in its infancy stages there are some problems with mutations and all or so i heard we will see but wow what a break through if it works. Ten treatments and your there no sides your own blood as the antidote
and as we speak there are people who are very desperate to try any thing that has a poss. of working. I am open to all concepts. Even tx who knows what that will do years down the road. Do they have any long term studies about that with humans. Not from what i can tell.
it is all, including life itself , fraught with danger my good friend. I am in the process of finding out from this guy my brother knows him directly and relay the info here for all as soon as i can. Not promising anything and i am optomistcally cautious in all things.
Thanks for your input. Greatly apprecialted sometimes i feel i am the koo coo choo :)
Be well
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Sounds great. But I am going to wait for the clinical trials. Treatment decisions based on anecdotal evidence and testimonials are fraught with danger.
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Thanks man for the comments. I don't konw a whole lot and still learning.
I will check out that probiotic thing i never heard of it. Thanks also for your info
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I am offering info i gathered over 20 years. You would think we could share info here to help eachother. I was afraid it might come off that way to some go figure. I just want to help and be helped thats it. ANything else is in your imagination.
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there are some folks on this forum that are really good on the diet stuff...for me i'm just learning...i do know that when my weight is just right i feel much better..it doesn't take much extra to make me feel not so good...i did start the probiotic thing a couple weeks ago and that puts on weight for me..so i'm trying to ajust to that...thanks for the diet info.....billy
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What are you selling?
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