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LOD- liver

my father recently passed from hep c. he refused my offer to give him part of my liver. im now planning on trying to become a LOD. my question is, can a person donate part of their liver multiple times, once it regenerates, or is it a one-time donation?
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I would be very surprised if they would perform the same surgery on a donor more than once.
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I under went a live liver transplant in April. My daughter was my donor and the tp has been a big success.

In answer to your question: you can only donate once.

I am  most impressed by your generous offer to be a LOD.
I feel this option is the answer to the problem of too few deceased donor livers.

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I am sooo very sorry to hear about your Father....I can kind of understand how he must have been feeling for I had someone offer me to be a donor and I was really so very touched by such a selfless gift of life...from a dear young lady in her 20s at my work that I was in awe of the love others give of themselves....obviously you are one of those wonderful people that look outside of yourself to help others....God bless you...and I wish you many blessings,

Sincerely, starshine1ca
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