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Last Shot Tonight!!!

I just wanted to pass along that tonight is my last shot of peg. Whoo Hoo!! I have to take the riba for another week. It feels good to be at the end of the this 48 week treatment.

As I have stated before My hat is off to all who treated before me and especially those of you who treated longer (and higher doses) like Bill, NYGirl, Gauf, and so many others. You guys all deserve a freaking medal. Knowing that others have had longer and tougher treatments helped to get me through. When times got tough and I felt like quitting I thought of others before me. I would then grit my teeth and press on!

I have been UND since week 4 and can't wait to get this medicine out of my system. I am sooo ready to resume a normal life (or some facimile thereof).

Next stop on the This freight train.....SVR city baby!!!! Wooo Woooo!!!!
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Congrats on your end to the treatment. I am looking forward to mine too.(I'm @ 11 of 24). I know the 24 weeks seems like an awful long time. I can't immagine what 48 week or longer is like. No wonder people get depressed on Tx it just goes on and on. Hats off to you and everyone else that's been through or is going through this. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Here's hoping you all kill this one dead.
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Glad to hear you made it to the end.  I hope you feel better soon.  Will be on the lookout for your SVR post.

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You know, I halfway want to say "Don't rub it in" but I'm actually delighted and encouraged when others announce that they have finished.  Makes me feel like I can make it too.  Thanks.
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Congratulations on your last shot. You guys that have gone before us give the rest of us in the ranks the extra oomph to carry on. Onwards to SVR!!!     Pam
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Hey well done, my R7128 buddy!!  I remember how great it was to take that last shot and that last pill as if it was just yesterday!  Be gentle with yourself, my friend, don't take the bull at a gate approach to getting back to 'normal' life that I did, ease in gently if you can.  I'm happy to report that I am definitely feeling improvements at Day 15 post, esp after my little crisis with the sleepers. Woohoo!  I am so looking forward to your SVR post, like you I have great faith in our PI...  

All the best
Epi xxx
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Yay!!! Congratulations on almost finishing this crazy journey! I wish you a quick recovery and a big fat SVR!!!!!
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Oh the sweetness of the LAST shot!  :)   Congrats!
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Hats off to you!!!  Quick recovery comin' your way along with SVR

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Thanks everyone,

I did the dirty deed and feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I am sure by morning that freaking interferon will bring the weight back LOL. I will savor the moment.

Epi- glad you are feeling better. I will try and heed your advice but I have to admit I am chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things!!! I am sooo ready to put this behind me.
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Congratulations on the LAST shot!!!!!

I wish you a smooth (and speedy) return to health.  Don't do too much, too soon.

Will look forward to your SVR post, too.

All the best,

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Congratulations on you last shot! Exciting night, that's for sure.

I did mine on April 20 and it felt amazing. I sure was in break-out-of-jail mode.  

Epi said: "and don't take the bull at a gate approach to getting back to 'normal' life that I did, ease in gently if you can."

I really didn't plan to overdo it but I weirdly couldn't stop myself. It was strange, almost like being on black ice, unable to control the steering. At least twice, I started speeding around, almost at a run.

I'm sure it was the meds affecting me. Anyway, both times, I crashed pretty bad and it was no fun.

Someone else told me the same thing also happened to her right after tx.

So terrific job done and sincere congratulations. And don't forget to take that riba. I almost forgot a couple of times in that last week.
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Wow... almost a year gone by... and now you've crossed the finish line! Congratulations -- your train has come in and I hope the freight is all undies! Best wishes, eureka
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Great news!!  Way to go, congratulations on your finish!!  good luck with your new life
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This is great news, congratulations from another Roche guinea pig.  Hope things get back to normal quickly for you.  I have one shot to go, so not far behind you.  Good luck with SVR and speedy recovery. Emi
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Wow,,,,. Great News....................Congratulation.  Enjoy a  beautiful n interferone free life :)
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Congratulations!!!!  I'm excited for you that you're done treatment and excited to know the results of this trial....also from one Roche guinea pig to another.  :)  

UND at Week 4 - looking good!!  Be good to yourself the next while .. it seems recovery from treatment is similar to treatment in that it seems to differ for each person how it will go so we seem to have to continue to roll with it and just ride it out for awhile until we know we're back on solid ground again.  How great that you are done treatment and I'll be hoping for you and watching for your PCR posts.

Take good care.

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Sweet News!  Way to go!
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Congrats to my buddy!!!  You did it!!  

I know you will "try" to ease back into your oldself, but I also know that you can't wait to be your oldself too.  

Looking forward to see you post those three little letters!!!!!

I wish you nothing but health and happiness and SVR for the future!!!

your buddy

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Congratulations!  You did it, slayer!   Wishing you the best for your HCV free future.
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I no it was a long journey,but you have reached the end,take easy for a while then go hog wild......     congratulation
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Next stop.. SVR city :-).... Congratulations on getting through and on finishing the last toxic-shock-viral-killing machine!!!!  Well Done - 48 weeks is something to be hugely proud of!!
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Congratulations on the last shot!  It is such a big milestone, and you've made it!  Will be watching for those SVR posts.

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bra vo . you the man !  can i give you a big hug ,too ? " im not a stalker"    you know that imfo about "choud"  is being used daily around this house .   very great news   thanks for sharing       bob  
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