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Last chance?

Dear fellow medhelpers-

Since the Medhelp forums seem to be self-destructing, I thought I would take this chance, perhaps the last one I will have, to thank all the wonderful people here without whose moral and practical support over the years I might very well not still be alive.

There have been many: HectorSF, Dee1956, patra, hepcandme, hepc4Sandi, Faithdove, flyinlynn, Lovesmygolden, aqua1917, GrammyA, ZapFan, pugdaddy, Idyllic, BoceprevirGal, aheart, beatrice57, GoofyDad, Willy50, IAmTheWalrus, meki, CockSparrow, Gauf, Mary4now, jools57, evangelin, orphanedhawk, Trinity4, jdwithhcv, rita863, Lady Lauri, GSDgirl, jmjm530, JennyPenny2009, mikesimon, newleaf09, Isobella, HCVet, copyman, susan400, JimmyMose, Bali05, nursehepc, nan535, merryBe, Marcia2202, Rockerforlife, nygirl7, Trish77. . . and the list goes on.

You have been my family for the past eight years. The best family anyone ever had. I owe you my life and I hope I have been able, in a small way, to repay your kindness.

God bless you. May you be well and happy.

I love you all.

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Medhelp provided a link to supportive people, people who  understood what we were experiencing, people who provided help and compassion. Like you, I no longer feel the sense of camaraderie that I once did at this place, perhaps it's time to close the chapter on this book and move on.
Wishing you and everyone here, only the best.
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Odd, I see this in the old forum and there are many answers. I just got thrown in to the new format and can only see Orphaned Hawk.  It says she responded 39 minutes ago. I know that can't be right.  There must be a time lapse or something.  Mike wanted you to know others have answered. I did two hours ago.
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