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I was Rx'd Lexapro by my doc for what I described as 'obsessive anger and anxiety'. He asked me if I had any depression and I told him 'sometimes', which is true enough but it's never been horrible. The blues. Anyway he prescribes me Lexapro which affected me with even MORE anxiety and not being able to sleep.

Well I go check out just what Lexapro is and the side effects ( I had never HEARD of Lexapro ). It's an anti-depressant ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRI ) prescribed to treat 'major depression'. I don't have major depression. I have 'if you look at me wrong I might kill you'. That's not depression. The side effects of this fine drug are ANXIETY and SLEEPLESSNESS as well as 'possible suicide ideation'. I'm doing exactly the opposite of what I 'want'.

Hmmmm...It's an anti-depressent that you just might KILL YOURSELF while you're on it.

I guess the upside is you leave a REALLY POSITIVE suicide note, eh ?

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See here's the thing. I really don't feel that bad THAT often. In fact, a 30 day supply of 10mg valium would probably last me the remainder of my treatment ( 18 weeks ). What ever happened to the good old days of Xanax, Librium and Valium ? So instead of taking something to relieve a temporary condition that lasts a day or two, I'm taking a pill every day that makes me anxious and causes me to lose sleep with refills for the next FIVE MONTHS.

And once again, I was unable to think fast enough on my feet at the doctors. I was soooo goddamn tired I guess I did seem depressed. But this drug, I don't get. I'll give it the first round of 30 days. Hopefully I don't kill myself but if I DO, you can bet I'll come in here and tell you about the FINE DAY I'm having and how happy I am. I'll even toss in some SMILEY FACES for good measure !!
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I tried lexapro a few months ago (my very first A/D), and I didn't think it did a damn thing for me. I took it for about a month and a half and then switched to effexxor. I don't really think the effexxor is doing anything either, although maybe it's having some subtle effect and I don't realize it. Strange how these drugs do all kinds of things to some people, don't do a thing for some, and then work great for others - another mystery of the mind. Have you considered switching to another A/D and see if that works better? That's the usual routine, keep trying them until you find one that "fits".
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What I want is some valium or xanax that I KNOW will work and I can take it 'as needed'. But the medical community is so hung up on Rx'ing 'narcotics' these days it seems like a big no-no and if you even ask it means you have a hidden agenda to get high. Now I'm on this treatment requiring a daily dose that does nothing. I want a pill that I take and 20 minutes later I don't feel anxiety. What is so wrong with that ?
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I take xanax as needed as well.  My PCP prescribed them when my mom passed away in 2002.  the label said take 1    3 times a day.  A bottle of 90 lasted me 4 years.. LOL  Taking only as needed, and since starting treatment, only needed to take a couple the first few wks ..   and have been ok to go without them.     I take lunesta as needed too.    

Hopefully I will never need another type prescribed, and I get thru this fine this time around.     Heres hoping anyway..
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Yeah I thought the same way about the xanax and valium or whatever. I asked my doctor for something to take the edge off once in a awhile as needed. I told him I wasn't down and out all the time, I was just having anger and depressive "flares" which were usually associated with my rash increasing in intensity. He wouldn't go for it, the only thing he was willing to prescribe was a full blown A/D. I've talked about this before, but I think the reason he wouldn't is because doctors simply assume you either were or are an IV drug user (and that's why you got HCV in the first place). And because you were/are an IV drug user, obviously you're at risk for abusing any opiate or other narcotic like xanax or valium. And in all fairness from what I've heard these drugs can be addictive in a bad way for some, although I suspect for many it's not going to turn you into a crack addict. I dunno, I guess I can see the doctor's point of view, especially if he/she doesn't know you really on a personal level. But still, it doesn't seem medically optimal to pollute your body with a daily dose of A/D's for months and months (or even years) when you may only need a little something for a few hours every 2-3 days as required.
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My suggestion would be to just smoke some pot once and while instead.
It sounds like you only get irritated once & while and not all the time and that is not depression. You do need something to take the edge off, xanax would work but many drs wont give it out.  Good luck whatever you decide.
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i was prescribed gabapentin a few weeks ago for symptoms very similar to yours. i didn't want to take a benzodiazapine like xanax because of the addiction potential (i've got that kind of personality), so this was what the consulting psychiatrist recommended. i was skeptical at first, but it has been very effective for me. first time i'm feeling relaxed since starting tx in august. it's not an "as needed" though, it's three times a day. besides helping with the anxiety and riba rage, im convinced it has helped the nausea.
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I agree, what happened to the good old days when you walked into your dr's office and complained of stress and anxiety and they gave you valium? Then you gave some away to your friends? Then you refilled your script and got some more. Or just got some from your friends to begin with?
Speaking only for myself, it would be a far more dangerous world if I was given free reign to "downers" when I felt I needed them! I would always need them, and the streets would not be safe with me driving on them!
A/d's work well for me, luckily, I'm just worried about long term side effects.
Good luck!
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I know what you mean about wanting an AD you can take on an 'as-needed' basis.

I find I hit bottom about once or twice a week on TX, but it's NOT every day.

I did get a script for prozac (which helped me back in '97 after my divorce - happiest year of my life *LOL*) but I haven't started taking it for the same objections you have - I don't want to take another med every day.  between the RX drugs - peg, riba, neup - allergy meds, allergy shots, nasal sprays, bloodwork, blahblahblah - I don't even know if I could remember to take another pill on a daily basis.

Anyway, I started seeing a therapist - this was supposed to have been my second week but he never showed up for our appointment - *LOL* - he did call the next day and apologized  . . . .

I read the entire peg/copeg pharmaceutical pamphlet and under neuropsychiatric adverse events it lists mania, aggression, bi-polar episodes, depression, hallucinations, psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, . . .

I guess, if it's any consolation, it's really NOT us - the meds make us nuts.

But, I agree, the downs are really looooow.
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I worry about long term effects so I'm switching to valium:) Really I hope I can wean off these eventually, cold turkey doesn't work.  But crying at work because a 98 yr old woman kept thanking me for taking care of her wasn't working either. But then again, crying is an honest emotion. She was thanking everyone who took care of her and she had a huge pressure sore and a low bed because she kept climbing out of bed and falling. It made me cry, then I tried to raise the niece from hell, which made her cry with my tantrums.....I'm just a sicko!
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You're so funny!

I cry too. I don't cry from an argument or anything like that, just sad stuff.

I can't take sad stuff or sad news. I feel like an idiot, the tears just come out like a faucet and I can't stop them from comming. But I have been like that from the time I was born, so I know I just won't ever be able to control it. I try to even think of something else when it starts, but nothing helps.

But you're really going to get the valium? Just for the remainder of tx? Well I know you know how habit forming they can be, so be extra careful. But to me they would be better than ADD's.

Watch the bumper cars though.lol
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...It's an anti-depressent that you just might KILL YOURSELF while you're on it.

I guess the upside is you leave a REALLY POSITIVE suicide note, eh ?

You're absolutely right. That's why I won't ever go on them, plus as you said the anger isn't every day. Those Add's have helped some, but if you read as to how they affect the brain and God only knows what the long term problems may be from them.

It does hit suddenly though(anger). I used to have a friend and now and then we would meet to have dinner and catch up on what's going on in each other's life. He would drink Martini's. He always was so nice until the last drop of the second Martini, he would become nasty for no reason, to the waitress and anyone around, including me. These meds (or maybe my hormones too) remind me of how he would get. I guess the way some are affected by alcohol, these meds can affect us in a similiar way. But living in the NYC vicinity I can blend in with everyone else with attitude.

I hope you feel better soon. I feel good today. Hope it lasts.
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i just learned about lexapro in class the other day, it is one of the newest and it has a little upper edge to it so if someone wanted to lose a few pounds well it might be helpful.  there is another more common antidepressant called paxil it is more calming and useful for an agitated depression
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I was totally kidding about the valium. I have tried every disreputable dr. in town and can't get a script. :)
Really, I have to stop kidding, I'm not trying to get valium or even thinking about taking such a powerful addicting drug. I canb't believe there are still people who take it and believe me, they can't function with it or without it. I had a woman for therapy who was hospitalized because she was taking the valium, forgetting to eat, forgetting she already took the valium and taking more. She was such a mess when we got her. Take care.
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I have tried every disreputable dr. in town and can't get a script. :)

Its so hard on forum to know when someone is joking sometimes. I really didn't know if you were kidding or not about the valium. At first I laughed when I read it, thinking you were joking and then I said  to myself maybe shes serious?

Glad you're not serious. I hate to always put a 'ha or a lol or a hehe" after everything I say as a joke. Those Haha's are stupid to me, but because we are not sitting eye to eye its so hard for people to know if we are kidding or not. I leave the haha's out at times and I know I am being misunderstood.

So I can't get around the ha ha's or lol or hehe's.  But anyhow, I usually do get your jokes without the haha',s. I'm always laughing when I read your posts.
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