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Life Insurance?

Has anyone here with HepC been able to buy life insurance?  I know years ago this question was brought up on this forum and nobody seemed to be able to buy coverage, is that still the case?  My wife wants to get life insurance but I told her I can't.  She's not HepC positive and I am still HepC positive but even if I was SVR I wouldn't be able to buy life insurance, at least that's what I believe, am I right?  
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That is an excellent question. I wanted to add more life insurance to my existing policy but had 2 things that made me think it wasn't going to happen

1) a long questionnaire that must be signed by your medical team explaining your current illness and

2) I am 35 years older than when I bought the original life insurance

I just let it drop because it would cost so much and take a great deal of my time to get approved. You could take the money that you wanted to invest in a life insurance policy and buy Gilead stock that you could leave to your loved ones
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Coincidentally, that's how I was diagnosed...through a renewal of a life insurance policy blood test in 2008. They declined my policy of $250k with a fixed premium for 10 years because of HCV, but they put me on another plan that increases every year.

I had to drop from $250k to $100k in order to afford the premiums. Every February, the premium gets bumped up. And I believe after 2018, the premium will double to put it in the $200 a month range. Each year after, it will continue to increase by leaps and bounds.

They did offer me a fixed rate plan that I could lock in for life but I forget the exact amount. It was a car payment, from what I recall.

So, it's possible, but you'll pay dearly. I have a few more years before my children graduate from college and I'll probably keep this policy until then and then bail on it. I'll invest the money I pay in premiums.
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"So, it's possible, but you'll pay dearly.

Good, I appreciate the information.  Hopefully, I can wait until I am SVR before I try to buy.  I don't mind getting insurance but I don't want to deal with any HepC stigma freaks~Cheers!
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Hi my friend who had HCV was able to get life insurance though he does pay a lot.  I wonder if they reduced his premium once he was cured.  Good question.  Since we always test positive I wonder if they would accept a letter from the doctor saying we are cured.
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That's an interesting point, Dee.

It may be worth a google search to see if a person who has HCV antibodies, but no active virus, can obtain a policy comparable to someone with no antibodies in the same health status.
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