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Low T from TX???

Any males test your testosterone lately? This maybe should be posted on the after tx site, but it seems to me that there is not much activity there and if the mods want to move it, that's ok by me.
Ive had a lot of symptoms of low T, so I got checked and sure enough, its very low, even beyond what is considered low. Granted there are many factors that play into low T, but I noticed an interesting one that stated that chemo family drugs can cause low T as well. Before tx I had many hobbies some of which were very physically demanding. Since SVR I have been waiting for my energy levels to return and they have not, in fact its so bad I thought about the low T adds on TV. I don't have all the things they describe on the adds but there are plenty so I thought what the heck.
Today I started Androgel therapy and I am hoping for some luck!! So guys, if you are feeling like the adds on TV say, no energy, sluggish, and for me the one about how you just are not interested in the things you used to enjoy, then get tested. Nobody is going to come out and tell you its from tx, and maybe it isn't. For me the timing is sure suspect!!
Get tested, after all we have been through this test is a breeze and could lead to a happy ending!!
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Hey there, keep in mind low testosterone and liver disease are common, don't remember if you have cirrhosis?

Best to you
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I am very lucky I do not have cirrhosis. I carried HCV since the early 80's(most likely) but my liver only got to stage 2 grade 2. I was a heavy drinker until I was diagnosed of 2001. Just very lucky!! I am not saying that tx caused my low T level, simply wondering if anybody else was having this issue. I felt good before tx, other than the normal getting older stuff, but never came charging back after. No complaints though, and I would do it again in a minute if I had too. Its all very worth it!!
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