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How do I not feel like I am cursed or I don't know where I am going in life.
Now I have a Lump?...Wow I can't believe this.Failing a ColonoscopyI am whining again,
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Woman.....when you're done with the tx, after time, you'll go back to a somewhat normalcy.....in the meantime...take care of that lump...at least get all the info on it , so you can make an informed decision...
Good luck gurly
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  Meh...sorry about that new. I actually think alot of people have those lumps at our age, when we have the colonoscopies.  I guess they will now dissect the lump, and let you know if it's benign, and I will be praying for ya~
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  Oh, oopsy, I think the lump is from your mammogram (read an earlier post)
So, they may do a lumpectomy~
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We can only take care of one thing at a time, one day at a time.  If you don't hear from the doctor on Monday morning about the breast lump, call and ask.  I think they will do a biopsy and then decide if the lump needs to be removed.  We will be praying that it's just a cyst and nothing to worry about.  Find out from the gastro doc when you can reschedule the colonoscopy and ask if there is anything they can recommend or prescribe to make the prep a little easier on your system.  They had me take the anti nausea meds right before I started the prep and that helped.  It was tough doing the prep, and I felt pretty sick by the time I got there, but as soon as they got the IV line going, I started feeling better, and before I knew it, the procedure was over.  I know these things add to the burden (physically and emotionally) of being assessed and listed for liver transplant.  I can't even imagine the toll that it is all taking on you cree, but all I can recommend is just one foot in front of another, one thing at a time.  No matter what the physical toll, or the emotional toll, you lean on your spirit and your faith.  And lean on us.
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