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Me Again!

I guess I am "Pink Floyd"
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  Hey Youuuuuuu
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Is anybody in there ?Just nod your head.Hey yerself whats up?
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  you are only coming out in waves (in waves in waves) your lips move but I cant hear what you say....
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I am thinking if you and I ever got together we could be dangerous.Lock us in the closet !!I I ended up paying Ruby 50 cents to find my Pink Floyd,To my dismay I did not have that song so she and I download it for my Mp3 phone.Have fun today!I will!
"what is the opposite of spooning?Well it's Forking...wow!ruby told me that one.
Al rato nos vimos mi carena!
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  Hah...I never get sick of that song!!  I should get off my arse and hook my speakers back up to my laptop~  
   You and Ruby would be welcome at our house anytime  :)  But if you're going to San Franciscooo, be sure to wear..flowers in your hair. We have a beautiful view of the Bay from my house~~~~~~~couch-surfers welcome
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Scott McFrenzy.......Old shtuff...
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