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My 24 week labs are in

My HGB is 10.7, Hematocrit- 31.2,

AST- 20       ALT 18    TSH is 1.660

I am waiting for my 24week PCR within the next several days.
I havent seen liver enzymes this low since I was in my 20's.

Now instead of going to the vampire for my CBC every 2 weeks I can now go every 3 weeks.

Keeping my fingers & toes crossed.
Have a good day everyone.
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Crossing right with ya!
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I'm hoping for you to get the big UNDETECTED so that you can join the SVR club.

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looking good my friend, my alt and ast went way up again!      
you deserve some good news!

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Thanks alot !  Ive been UND. Just praying it stays.........
Be good.
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Thanks...cant believe I made it this far. We are alot stronger than we think we are.
My enzymes were above normal for a little bit too. The've been stable now for awhile.

Thanks for your good wishes!
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We for sure are,   we will continue to hang tuff!  cause we are the not so spice girls!

Lucy and Ethel!
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looking good at the halfway point and coming up next is the UND eh! but what about the HGB how are you doing with that.

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Its now 10.7- Its up there on my post. You must have missed it. Ive been between 10.6 and 11.5 so far.
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no, no, no, I mean is the HGB it hitting you hard or are you handling the effects of it pretty well? Hay! is that chick in the pic you?

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Sillyhead the pic is Jane from Tarzan and Jane. I always loved them! Im not that old!
ha i have always been a jungle girl in spirit! lol

HGB Im handling it ok. As long as I dont attempt to pick anyhting up or do anything like pick up shopping bags, just have to go slower thats all. The first time it plunged  a couple of months ago from 12 to 10.5 I couldnt function, was literally spinning. Now its leveled out. So we shall see....
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Glad to see the normal liver panel.

Florida is a great place to live when your HGB is low!  Mine dropped to 9 and men can't deal with low HGB as well as women (just one of a few things where that is the case - lol)

I found that up hills were a killer, though I was a ball of fire going downhill!

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I lived n the Adirondack mountains for awhile. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The air there is like no other. I practically spent all my time at the Ausable Chasms..I sure couldnt see myself there now on tx. I have seen enough mountains and cold weather for 2 lifetimes............

Your right Florida is a great place to be on tx.
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sounds like your doing real good...and i have to say i think about tx down in florida when i tx...up here we're even colder then up state ny..lots of snow to move around and deal with...we all used to get a kick from johnny weissmuller..that stuffs cool....billy
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Looks great,H&H a little low, but as long as you are not symptomatic that is great.  Wishing you a long SVR....Leah
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Eric....I found that up hills were a killer, though I was a ball of fire going downhill! ...
LOL, LOL! That was funny. Even pictured it :)

Charm....ok...ummmm..., I thought you were UND already???
That HGB at 10 just floored me and amazing how we learn not to haul groceries, do so many things we normally do and that becomes 'normal'! I did yard work today! So appreciated it. I couldn't rake 15 minutes on tx! Rest, rest, rest, all you need to.

Great on the AST, ALT's !!

Keep drudging thru.

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I am UND as of my 8 week PCR. I must have cleared somewhere between week 5 and 7.
Just waiting for my 24 week PCR to come in next week.

Thanks evryone the first 5 months were torture, Im doing much better now, which I dont understand, but Im not complaining.

Weird, itching stopped, Im able to  be out of bed, Ive been busy, just have to take it slow.
No mor sore throats....I feel almost human...maybe Im jinxing myself!!
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Sounds like you're doing great.  Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Keep up the good work.  GingerB.
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im glad to see your doing well.....keep it coming:)
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Ginger I hope now that the meds are leaving your system your feeling better, take care and thank you.

Kimmypoo-Thanks to you too, Its been very hard but lately better. Hope you are managig ok..hang in there.

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I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better these days, I know earlier days were quite hard on you.  Things are looking good for you .. always hoping and looking to that SVR for you!!

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