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My First Cold, Post-Tx

  Something I found interesting was this:  I caught Hep C when I was 27 yrs old, and in the same year, sufferd my first bout of "adult onset asthma".  Ever after that, every time I caught a cold, it would immediately turn into the worst asthma. Also, none of the inhalers, or stronger cortocosteroids would work, in the least bit. I was terrified of catching a bad flu, and almost died(woke up at night, wheezing, dry hacking, breathless) the time I caught Whooping cough, 7 yrs ago.
   Now, since I started my Tx last Feb, and haven't had a single asthma wheeze since!  I was waiting, to see what would happen when I caught a cold bug, which I now have.  My only symptom is a runny nose and sneezing. Not fun, but very mild, and much better then when I had Hep C, and the asthma symptoms!
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I caught a cold about a month eot and it got bad. Sinus infection and all. It then turned into the flu which maybe it was all along. But since then, I have not even had a cold. I can't believe it. For decades when I got a cold it would mean days off work and lots of medicine.My wife has been sick this winter, but I have not caught anything since getting my SVR.
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   Aaaaghhh...I am starting to change my mind about the mildness of this cold!  I went to work with it, and now I am having pain behind my eyes, in all my teeth, and clear stuff just running out continuously..I feel SO irritated/irritable.  It feels like sinus pain, that might even turn into the Flu,. like you mentoned.  My head is getting hot, and my stomach is getting crampy :(
   Funny thing is: I've never had the Flu before, and this feels awful!
Last time I took Ibuprofen was just prior to my Tx, and I got muscle cramps,. and the same thing happened with Tylenol.  My platelets were still low, at 122, 3 months post Tx. which is what they were when I went in, so I fearful of taking a NSAID.  Maybe something like Alka Seltzer Plus, cold and flu, but my eyes hurt too much to leave the house again.
   I am wondering if the Atarax I took, for my itching, would help with sinus pain, gonna go look it up~
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   I am taking 200 mgs of Advil, and it seems to be working fine for the fever. I went to my Doctor, and she wouldn't give me anything for this fever/drippy nose.  
   I wanted to ask her for a small bottle of Ativan, but I suppose they dont tend to do that sort of thing, because it is addictive...sigh  But I feel like such crap, I wish I could nap, but I'm a hyper person
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