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Myown Faith Topic

Hi Myown. (I hope I'm in the right place : )  It's kind of changed over here since I was last here.    

I don't know that I have arrived at a choice, really.  I guess it sounds like I'm an atheist, but I've never thought of myself as one or never claimed to be one.  While I have arrived at certain beliefs, I really don't know how I arrived at them.  They are not from my upbrining.  My parents, while not "religious", per se, did go to church, they took us -- that's just we all did back then, me, my sister;  then I got my son into Sunday School when he was old enough to go, we went to church (not every Sunday, but most Sundays). He didn't grow up to be some fanatical religious person (far from it) nor is his wife very religious, but they do have a faith, and I bet they'll have their little girl and little boy in Sunday School one day, and church too.  I know he will. I'm glad he will because I do think it serves a wonderful purpose, and I think he thinks so, too - even though none of us are close to being "real religious".  

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I've met people from all religious beliefs.  When you've seen enough people die and their loved ones praying for them before they die and the comfort it brings, I don't care what you believe in or don't believe in - you will believe in the power of that person's very strong faith and wonder about the lack of yours (if you lack it.)  The one thing I will never ever forget as long as I live was - a patient we were getting ready for an ultrasound.  She was not terminal, not even very sick, she was in no acute distress, she was talking to us as we were transferring her from her bed to the table, we were laughing (carrying on),  we got her on the table, and suddenly (with big eyes) she exclaimed (loudly) "Lord, Jesus is coming! I see the light! Sweet Jesus is coming!"  And she went unconscious, and she died. They coded her for at least an hour or more.  Never got her back.  I know that every single one of us who were in that room and saw her and heard what she said before she died went home that night questioning our faith (or perhaps our lack of.)

You have a great night : ) I hope you're still feeling OK!  Hang in there with the treatment!  
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Well since this is an open community, I'll just throw my two cents in. After witnessing that woman, how can you doubt the existence of God? Not trying to argue, I guess for a believer it's such a no-brainer. I know you said it made you question your faith or lack of, I guess I take my faith for granted. Not that I lead a perfect life or enjoy organized religion. I was raised Catholic, married a catholic and after raising 4 kids catholic I rarely go to Church. Faith is not the same as religion to me. Faith is just my sense of spirituality and belief that good will prevail over evil, what goes around comes around, and we all have to answer to someone in the end. Could be I'm wrong, but I won't know till that day I'm on the table, or bed or car and my heart stops and I see....
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It was one of the most profound experiences I'd ever had and will probably EVER have - one that shook me up for days - no, probably more like weeks, and I never really got over it.  I doubt anyone in that room ever got over it or doesn't have moments when they remember it very distinctly. It shook everyone up.  Whenever I do wonder about God or question it all, I remember that lady and what happened that day.  How do I doubt?  I don't know.  Maybe I shouldn't.  Maybe I should not have said what I did about what I believe.  I think everyone who claims not to believe wants to believe in something, actually, and that maybe they don't know how or are still searching.   Whatever I said about heaven and hell, I hope someone didn't take it personally, and if they did, I'm sorry.  I need to keep my mouth shut on those things - it never does anything good to say something like that, I guess, except to risk offending someone.  My first husband was Catholic.  He's a great man.  We're great friends.  I'll forget, though, when he was talking about Nam - he was crying. First time I'd ever seen him cry; the last time, too.  He never ever believed in God again after his tour in Nam.  I guess some people experience things that ... change their minds on certain things?  And then maybe things happen later to change their minds back.  I don't know.  
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You are allowed to say whatever you want on the website. Don't apologize for anything! I feel like Myown is aggravated at me because I jumped in the midst of the fray like I'm a big peacemaker and heaven knows I've caused enough trouble myself. (Was that a run on sentence?)
My brother was a firm non-believer, calls himself a recovering Catholic. He would argue with me and say things like "If there was a God why does He let innocent babies get cancer and die? Why doesn't He end suffering?"
He was an alcoholic for years and quit talking to our family for seven years. he wouldn't even come to the funeral when my Mom died. He was angry for so many years about so many things. Finally his mother in law died in a freak car accident. He found out that her only regret in her lifetime was that she wasn't able to convert him to being a belieiver/Christian (you pick the word). My brother experienced a religious turn around, stopped drinking and has been sober since 6/13/96. He gives thanks to his Higher Power and made his peace with our family that same year (96).
Your story reminded me of my brother's story. Ya just never know! I wish you all the luck, blessings you name it, I hope it for you, for your tx this year. Soon I hope!
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Thanks Bug!  And I wish you all the wonderful things in life, too, and SVR and good blessings, and... just everything great and good :)  

The story of your brother is absolutely wonderful!  (Sad in many ways - that something happened to tear his faith to pieces, but an absolutely wonderful story with a beautiful ending.  I'm so glad he is back and .. that you all are a family again.  It doesn't get any better than that.  

God does work in mysterious ways.  

See you soon!  
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"God works in mysterious ways" ;-)

He is working right now

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Yeah he is, isn't he :)  Yep :)

Hope everyone has an awesome day, too!!
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Hallelujah!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! AMEN!!!



so let me get this straight... its ok to talk about whatever we please here in this forum???

if so, praise God!!!

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chcme,,,I posted to you in the thread below this,,have a good day,,,,hope all is well.

LvdbyGod,,,Glad to see ya in here...maybe we'll have to get a prayer request thread started soon. Get some of the others over here too. Many of us here on forum, its seems,,,and ya know nothing is by accident with God,,we were all meant to find each other to strengthen one another and pray one another through for OUR MIRACLES!
So maybe a prayer request thread would help also. For personal prayer requests they would just have to type 'unspoken prayer request.' God knows their need,we don't necessarily need to know if its too personal, as you know.
have a great day!
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I'm always worried about people feeling like Christianity is being forced on them at mh...a "hepc site" but, if ALL faiths and non faiths and ALL opinions are welcome in this area then that's great...  no one will feel they have to agree to another persons beliefs... they can all feel free to have thier own ideas and state them freely without being harrased... and as long as no one religion or set of ideas are comming off like they're representing the WHOLE group here.

i guess it always comes down to respect and thoughtfulness...

here's to hopeing for that!!!!


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Read some books by Bart Ehrman or any of the other non idiot christian misquting foolish historians and you will find that what you belive is not even close to what took place before 350 ad or so.  And you christian fools today are so off key I belive your insane if just not right out stupid.
  If the earth throws off humans it will be directly because of religious fools.  As the rest of humanity evolves I sure hope you religious nuts fade away as did the Neanderthals.
  May Bush rot in your hell with the rest of the religious nuts.
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"I'm always worried about people feeling like Christianity is being forced on them at mh..."

I may be wrong, but in none of my posts do I recall chastizing anyone for their disbelif nor attempting to change their belief.  I try to simply speak my belief and express my faith since it has proven instrumental in my recovery and assisting me to cope with my infection along with the frustration/disappointment that tx failed me.

Maybe my expression of my faith can help another who is struggling and if that is so then I figure I am supporting them, which I think is a large part of what these forums are supposed to be about.

When I see others raising their objections and/or trying to make it sound as though I'm trying to convert them I simply tell myself that perhaps it's simply the Spirit convicting upon them to make them aware that they do know what is right but refusing to accept it.

There are times when I wonder if the objections are not initiated by the people themselves, but instrumented by the one who wants to keep all in the dark and shadow of untruths.

This is way the verses I continually stand upon since my recovery an later diagnosis with this insidious disease are Lamentations 3:19-26 (AMP):

"[O Lord] remember [earnestly] my affliction and my misery, my wandering and my outcast state, the wormwood and the gall. My soul has them continually in remembrance and is bowed down within me. But this I recall and therefore have I hope and expectation: It is because of the Lord's mercy and loving-kindness that we are not consumed, because His [tender] compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great and abundant is Your stability and faithfulness. The Lord is my portion or share, says my living being (my inner self); therefore will I hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him. The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him [inquire of and for Him and require Him by right of necessity and on the authority of God's word]. It is good that one should hope in and wait quietly for the salvation (the safety and ease) of the Lord."
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Welcome back sweetie. I see you still have a high tolerance for others thoughts and opinions when they clash with yours! That's just the kind of guy you are, honest, open and ready to speak your mind freely when someone says something you don't agree with. Gotta respect you for your sensitive delivery also. We have waaaay too many people here who support each other and are tolerant of diversity. I'm so glad you were able to use this thread as a tool to handle your anger. Thank God (literally) that you don't turn that anger on your children....or do you? We'll never know, we only see this one side on the forum! And it is always consistently angry!
Take care, God bless those little one's of yours!
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I think you totally took LvdByGod out of the context in which it was meant. Is there a full moon or what? I felt LvdBy God was talking about herself or himself not criticizing anyone. Everyone is so  sensitive lately. Is it going to be lets argue with each other for awhile cause the holidays are over and we're bored?
Not just you, just the general responses lately.
Not trying to offend you, just trying to clarify my perception of this topic
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Anger at that moment with someones foolishness yes. But just as my old self I am smiling every day.
   If you were to even spend 2 hrs with me in my life you would see that I am perhaps the most caring and considerate person you could meet with nothing to hide, just a completly open book.   And as winter these days is only 4 weeks long and the minute hand has been set to 7 of, just as close as it was during the Cuban missle crisise, if you dont feel anger and are just unable to see the cause, then shame on you.
  All wars have been fought over money and religion.
Again, if your not angry over a fool saying jesus is the savior then shame on you.
  So lets all go overthrow all religions and govenments run by the sole intrest of making profit over people and the only place that can keep us alive, the earth.
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I was addressing the point about trying not to offend anyone with the expression of one's own faith.  More specifically supressing that expression for fear of offending someone.

It's been stated more than once on the other forum when this expression has come under attack that such expression is aimed either directly of indirectly either towards converting others or condemning them for not holding the same beliefs.  But if one reads what is written, nowhere is there any condemnation nor demand for someone to accept what is being expressed.

By including a quote from LvdByGod's post, I was simply opening mine about myself not worrying about whether the expression of my faith is contrived as an offence by another.  I can not be responsible for how they might feel about me expressing my faith as it pertains to a situation.
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hi moveabove!!!

lol... what is this?

a "non idiot christian misquting foolish historians"

hey, that attitude is exactly what i was talking about... can't we respect each other without the hatred? ps, respecting others does not necessarily mean agreeing with thier ideas...  

i have a question for you, though you don't owe me any explaination for your beliefs obviously... i just guess i'm curious about this stuff...

it seems you're not a believer in God... so if that's the case just what is your take on how this earth came into being? or what is your take on the meaning of life? was it all just a happy accident? or something else?

don't things seem like they were "designed" as opposed to just forming mindlessly? take for example the liver??? put there to clean the blood and a ton of other needed duties, one thing in which if not there it would be impossible for the human body to live??? how could it all of happened to come together so perfectly so as to produce life?

pss. by the way, just because folks say they are "Christian" or "believe in" God, doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how they believe politically... they may for Biblical reasons believe in supporting or defending certain issues, but i really don't think they are necessarily saying they "believe in" a certain political system...

so far i have seen that neither of our main U.S. political systems fully uphold the laws and ideas of God as expressed in the Bible...
too bad though!

hey "moveable" have a great day!!! ;O)


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I don't mean to offend anyone but

May the God, Goddess or Deity of Your Choice bless, curse or completely ignore you, according to your wishes.
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This forum was given to all of us (everyone) to use to discuss freely what we want. No one is saying that Christianity is the only religion that can be discussed. If someone else doesn't want to discuss their religion, that is their choice, but their choice of maybe NOT discussing their religion has no bearing on my choice to discuss. There are many Christians on forum, so if it seems as if there are more of us here,, can't help that because there are. If Christianity offends some, that is nothing new,,,,of course it is offensive. Jesus said. "I am the way, the truth the Light. Sound offensive? it does to me and I am a Christian, (((but its truth))). No one has to read anything we post. And depending on where someone is in their walk,some are not used to being shot at. Persecution is the price we have to pay when we follow HIM.

The bible even tells of us of it being offensive  to some and liberating to others....Read 2Corinthians 2:16 To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death and the other the aroma of life leading to life.

GrandOak,I agree with what you said,well stated, as usual. Bug, maybe you misunderstood GO? I'm cracking up laughing, its like a comedy routine who is the next to BE MISUNDERSTOOD? ha!

and Bug ,,,,good answer to moveabove.

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Your god of heaven and hell is a fable and people like you are the ones who are willing to kill someone in your gods name.  You say god bless america as killers drop bombs on people living in huts.  You think that that foolish book called the bible is something to live and die for. I find you absoluty insane.
   You are the worst that humanity has evolved into.
Take a house hold light bulb and put in directly into a power plant and see what happens.
  Its people as your self who think they know god because of a bible.  You can not understand beyound what you are and just as that light bulb can not go beyound 120 volts.
  What you belive in is only your simplisity.
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Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood completely. "Is there a full moon or what?" certainly applies to me.
I know that by faith we should be witnesses, but I also beleive in respecting others opinions. If a person is insulted that I say "I"ll pray for you" I'll stop saying that and pray for them even harder. Just clarifying my attitude. Take Care and God Bless.
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You are entitled to your opinions but there is no need to be offensive.
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"If you were to even spend 2 hrs with me in my life you would see that I am perhaps the most caring and considerate person you could meet with nothing to hide, just a completly open book."
Well Move it's obvious in just a few minutes the kind of person you are, why spend two long hours? You are a very kind talented person with the ability to see into others hearts, brains and soul and know their political leanings, their I.Q. level, & their ignorance on wordly affairs. How DO you do it?
Just a day in the life for Move ABOVE who chose his name well for this forum. You are above all of us. We welcome the insight caring and consideration that you show here.

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You started this! I'm telling Mom! Everyone quit looking at me! I'm telling!
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