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New Shingles Vaccine

Does anyone have an opinion on getting the new shingles vaccine if you have HEP C and are over 60.
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I had shingles about 1 1/2 years ago and I took the regular medication that they always prescribe and when that was gone I took some special Chinese virus herbs from this private herbal company, Nature's Sunshine. I think it is called VSC. It works great. Then on my back to get rid of the leisons I applied this special lotion they sell at feed stores (that's where I got mine). I will get the name of it. When it starts tingling too much wipe it off (after about 20 min.). Your shingles will not come back, you will be done with it for life. I had hep. C when I did this.  Shingles reoccurance is very common in older folks. I'm almost 65 now. I did have it before so this was a reoccurance but I never used the lotion before. It also stopped all the itching of the leisons. You used to be able to get it at health food stores but not anymore.  
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I called the store. The special lotion is called DMSO. I found a book on it at a used bookstore and it is amazing stuff. Mainly it is used for arthritis.
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I had shingles at age 28.  I know, that's different.    It was on my forehead and swelled up my eye shut.  Fortunately, it did not go into the eye itself.  It was SOOoooo painful.  I thought I was dying.  It felt like the worst brain tumor ever!  My sister ended up having to take me to the ER in the middle of the night.  This was long before I ever knew anything about any hepatitis.  By the time I was 28, I am fairly certain that I'd had Hep for 5 years, because I can just about pinpoint the time frame of when I was exposed to the Hep, which was now, 23 years ago.  So, I don't know if the Hep had made my immune system more pre-disposed to getting it at a young age??  I have no idea.  Oh well, now, I guess I don't have to worry about getting it again.

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WOW! You sure were lucky not to damage your eye or eyes. You could never put DMSO near the eye, or on the face. It's way too strong. The DMSO I got had aloe vera in it. So it was not quite as hard on the skin. But it sure tingled when applied to the leisons on the back. Dries them up really fast. She said they are all out of that kind at the store.

It is unusual for a young person to have it but my son got it during college finals. It took him awhile to go to the doctor, as many men do. So he had it really bad when it was discovered. He had it on his back nad midsection. The usual place for it, as I did both times I had it. He took the regular meds and then I gave him the Chinese herbs - 2 bottles of them. He got over it.

My older son will never get it because he didn't have chicken pox. He just had the shots for it.   It is supposed to be much worse if you have it as an adult. When his brother got it  at preschool, he was in high school finals and he immediately left home and stayed with a friend so he wouldn't get it. He never did.

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i never had chicken pox. i am 50. my kids all had chiken pox. i still never got. i don't know if i should worry about that even asked RN several months ago. should i worry i never had? i don't know if you have to have had chicken pox to get shingles.

i thought maybe i have something that gives me a natural immunity.

anyone have thoughts about never having chickenpox?
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