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New Years Meals

As I work in my kitchen pre-preparing  my Southern New Years Day meal,I know there are alot of people on here from all over the world.I would like to know what the customary meals consist of for New Years day.People in the Southern United States usually have ham or turkey,black-eyed peas(represents coins) turnip or mustard or collard greens(representing paper money)and cornbread(represents gold).I would like to know what customary meal you will be eating tomorrow,and what part of the world it is from...cindy

Heres hoping that all who are treating,getting ready to treat or are in treatment now have a happy and prosperous New Year!!! Godspeed to ALL of us   cindy
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Darn it!!! I forgot the cabbage and greens. Im having Blackeye'd pea's and hog jowls and cornbread.... UMM
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Well, since my tummy was a little upset, stress, not tx. drugs, I'm making oatmeal w/ some pumpkin butter and blueberries for breakfast.  And then I go to work If I'm feeling better tonite I may have some chicken soup w/ curry.
Traditionally we have golombki and pierogis, but I only have pierogi and I have to fry them, so I'll wait on that.
Pierogis are from Poland, my mom is polish and my dad is french & irish, he's gone but shes still here, she's a lot more fun, so I'm glad she's still here.
I wish everyone a healthy, happy, peaceful New Year.
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Do go on with your polish cousine! I have always enjoyed ethnic foods. I curently can make italian, mex, chineese, japanesse, east coast, west cost. some german, I dont believe Ive had the oppertunity to learn much about polish! I dont even know what you spoke of. I will have to google it. ummm
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Roast Pork, mashed potates and gravy, black-eyed peas, greens, side of applesauce, cornbread and yeast rolls.  Hot fudge cake and ice cream for dessert with Starbucks's decaf Pikes roast coffee.  I'm in training right now for my treatment; trying to develop a nice size gut for the injections. :)
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, how lucky we are in so many ways.  A Buddhist prayer,
May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering
may they never be separated from the happiness that is free from sorrow
may they rest in equanimity free from attachment and aversion believing in the equality of all that lives.
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Amen to that!!!
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Oh yeah,pierogies are the  bomb!! I like the cheese and potatoe ones.Mamma used to make these when we were kids(AGES AND AGES AGO)were not polish but we always had pierogies and kraut-My dad was a german.Maybe thats where they came from.???
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I was watching one of the cooking channels the other night. And I believe that is what i saw it was yellow w/cheese. I got in in the middle of it. then they mixed some white beans and greens and served it with the yellow stuff. It looked good.  Tried to catch ya on another chanel, but you were off line! Later
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I would love a nice collard green recipe, I'm not supposed to eat Tomatoes, I love em and they are in just about everything.
so I look online for recipes.  not supposed to eat spicy either.  YUCK, but I'm trying.
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I'm from the north and have never had a hog jowl, collard green or black eyes pea in my life.  Imagine that!

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Oh ps my parents made filet mignon with shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits my son and I just made little appetizers and munched out (pigs in a blanket, sweet and sour meatballs, potato skins with sour cream and cheese and crackers with pepperoni).  Exciting stuff there we had (not) but I cant exactly afford filet these days!
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My mom made prime rib, fresh asparagus, giant baked potatoes, salad and bakery bread with real butter.  

No hog jowels,  black eyed peas or collard greens either
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