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Newest CBC tests - back to normal

I just got my latest CBC test, haven't had one in 2months, since completing tx.  
WBC 5.1
RBC 3.86
HGB 13.4

I guess all of that is back to normal.  It sure feels like it. I feel great and can sleep all night.
Next week I go to see the New GI and will see if he will run tests to check levels and maybe a PCR.
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Congratulation! I hope to be sitting where you are in a couple of months.

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That's good and those numbers are impressive.  Has all that weight stayed off and are you staying pretty active?
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Geterdone ~ Keep on trucking you are almost there.   it sure feels great !   Now.... just an UND pcr is what I need..

Flguy ~ Yes I kept it off, and after the holidays and having to eat almost a whole pecan pie myself   ( over 2 wks time of course ) I gained 3 lbs.  But when I weighed myself yesterday.  I am back where I was on last day of tx.  So yes.. Have kept it off, thank goodness.    I got a whole new wardrobe to go with my new look.. LOL  It definately feels good to have that poison going out of my system and not in.  I cleaned my whole house top to bottom the weekend before christmas.   A month before,... I would not have even attempted.   And I feel even better this week.  Hope you are doing well, and will let you know how it goes next week with new doc.  Old doc disappeared before I could make my follow up appt.  
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Having finished tx twice, I think that it has a variety of psychological effects.  You mentioned cleaning house top to bottom.  I took on similar activites when I was finished too.  Things that I put off months and years, promising myself to eventually 'get around to it someday'.  I think that, somewhere in the recesses of my noggin, that I needed to purge a lot of the clutter out - along with the hcv and, in general, there's been a shift in my outlook in that regard.  Not sure if it's a psychological response to leading a more cootie-free life since the buggers are gone.  Maybe it's that if I overcame the rigors of tx then other hurdles don't seem so daunting.  Dunno.
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I wish you the best. Good luck. As Geterdone said in his post to you hope we all are sitting in your shoes soon.

Be well.
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Flguy ~ yes it could be the outlook of that hurdle passed for sure.   I was so sick of the clutter while on treatment, that it depressed me even more that I could not do it.    But getting rid of junk, and in March taking vacation and cleaning out closets and clutter that is packed away in garage and things like that.   Not going anywhere this year .. I went thru it twice as well, and hopefully this time.....
Its gone forever.. best of luck to you and keep me posted.

Charm ~ Keep going.  Its a long road, I know you are treating longer,and are having issues, but hang in there.  You will be here before you know it.  

Ok on my way out the door to work   Have a great day everyone, and will check in later.  

Good Friday to each...  Whoo hooo  Another week passed
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glad you've found a soft place to land...so great that you can sleep all night, better then anything!
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4cGood ~ yes feels great to sleep all nite for sure.. for the first couple of weeks I was still going thru the waking up at 3 am or so, and not being able to go back to sleep.  But it feels great for sure.  I am so glad this week is over..

Elaine ~.. Yes on the mend for sure.  Things are looking so much better now.   Just gotta start working out or something to firm up some of this skin.   But like the new me for sure.  Nothing would make that any better except SVR forever !    
I hope you and Nick are doing well.   I know its been a long haul for the 2 of you. I wish you both all the best., and think of everyone often.

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Isn't life great?? I loved the feeling of regaining control of my life....but it has taken me twice as long to catch up on things that only took a few months to completely fall apart..... Congrats on your new life and new year!
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Anyone tell you that you look like Jamie Lee Curtis in your picture??
Hugs again,
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How are you doing ?  Haven't really been on too much.  I read, but don't always post.  I am in the waiting stage.  Till I get my first PCR.  called to make my follow up and my GI is gone.  so I am going to see the Sr GI there next weds.  I will see if I can get him to run it, and anything else that needs it.  I am going to see if he prescribe chantix for me so I can quit smoking .  It was my new years resolution but I could not do it.   I guess I just was not ready to.  

Yes life is so much nicer .  We went to the commissary today for our monthly food shopping.   And I actually walked this time.  No more wheelchair in there for me.  We zipped in and out pretty quick.  Came home and put away groceries and I went up to Goodwill to get rid of some of these clothes I have been taking out of my closet and drawers, to make room for the new ones.. LOL  I also got about 10 tops while  I was there.    I could not resist ..  They were all nice name brand that would pay 20 times that amount for the same knit top.   Most of the stuff I found was brand new.   I feel like I hit the honey hole.    But I have enough to hold me over .   Now just gotta take the rest of the stuff off hangers and get rid of it too.

Vacation in March will be doing alot around the house.   Well going to go clean up from dinner.. Have a great weekend.. Keep in touch.


PS  yes I have been getting that alot lately.. today I wore it all combed forward.. Like the models do.. it looked cool..
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Love those CBC numbers!  It only gets better!! Got my fingers crossed for your PCR!! Best of luck!!
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