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No Drugs

Any one using natural cures for treatment for hep-c? I am, and it is working, with no prescription drugs!
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Find a respectable "Naturalist/Nutricionist" and ask about "Eclipta Tablets", then investigate "Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy". The h2o2 treatments are also being used for HIV, CANCER, AND ARTHRITIS. Do your homework and you will find the answers. Clint
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santa told me to stick with the program...but maybe as supplements????
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Hmmm, better keep hands and feet inside for this thread.
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my viral count went from > 10 million (non-readable) to 6.2 million in 4 months. I took Peg Intf. for 6 months with no responce. The eclipta tablets activate the natural interferon in your body's defence mechanism and the h2o2 treatments add oxygen to the blood system. NO VIRUS CAN LIVE IN AN OXYGEN RICH ENVIRONMENT. This includes AIDS, CANCER, INFLUENZA, and any other virus. Please investigate this, don't turn your back on it. I transplanted a liver in  2004, and I am the 3rd person to get this kind of result from a simple treatment with a natural cure. My doctors are all against it, but they can't ignore it or tell me why I should stop. That's not good enough for me. All of my blood work is getting better, and I am on the least amount of anti-rejection meds, that they dare to go. If you know someone who is fighting a VIRUS, let them know about this and let them decide what road to take. The other 2 people I spoke of, no longer have Hep-c and maintain a lower dose for protection in the future.
Sorry fir the rambling, I am excited about my situation and just wanted to share this with others. Good luck to all with your personal situations. clint
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I'm with you on this one. Sitting on my hands & zipping my mouth. ;)
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Do you know Lucinda Williams? I've always wanted to leave my wife and marry her.

I am on oxygen daily and it hasn't lowered my viral load at all.

Have a great New Year and good luck with the special cure you have going. It sounds like a miracle!
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I don't know Lucinda,
You say you're on Oxygen, I'm doing a mix of water and 35% food grade h2o2 - it's a graduated scale of drops of 35% to 5 oz of pure water. It tastes like hell, but it is working. I am on the down hill side of a 17 week program, it started with 3 drops and up to 20 drops and back down. I have one more month on 15 drops then to ten drops for maintainance. I'll keep you posted. If it cures me, as it has others, this could save some transplants and hopefully lives. Luck to all, clint
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viral loads naturally fluctuate even if you do nothing. there is no cure for hepatitus except the combo meds interferon and ribaviron...anything else is just a gimick. even low viral numbers can cause extreem damage to the liver... i know. i only had 650,000iu and my stage/grade was 3/4! very close to cirhosis! all that herbal stuff will do is make you feel like youre doing something but in reality it is not going to kill the virus completely... some of the better natural things like sam e and milk thistle will only at most help with inflamation... but will not kill off all the hep c virus'... i hope you have the time to fool around with this stuff... have you had a biopsy? what is your stage and grade of damage?

i pray you will consider a REAL possible cure...someday.

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rev are you doing ok I am kind ova worried when you let things like that go??
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I hope your alternative health route is working for you.  Please don't be discouraged when we don't jump on the bandwagon with you.

The problem with the claims for alternative health treatments is that there doesn't have to be any empirical data that goes with the claim.  

I have never personnally met someone who has been cured of aids, cancer or HCV.  I've only met people who have heard of someone.  I've heard of people selling the stuff make claims of healing.

Thank you for sharing your excitement with us, but please don't get upset with us when we don't jump on the bandwagon.  

Everyone has to make their own choices about their own health and how they deal with it.

And, believe me, it's not because we don't know or haven't heard of every alternative treatment under the sun.  
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Let what go? Marrying Lucinda Williams? LOL, actually I am going for a harem and the list is quite long. I figure I'm worth it.
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I can't hold it any longer.

I use 300x plutonium for poor eyesight. It helps a lot. Sometimes I can see through walls and I never have problems hitting the bowl at night as my pee glows in the dark.
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