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No health Insurance

I have always had minor health issues due in part to the Hep C I was diagnosed with 11 years ago and while at a time I was minitored in the last 3 years my company does not supply medical insurance and because of my diagnosis it is too expensive to acquire on my own.
I recently started experiencing some disturbing symptoms including rapid weight loss, loss of appitite, nausea and vomiting particularly in the morning, and rectal bleeding.
I know the iniitial reaction is that I should see a doctor soon but and will when it is possible but wanted to know symptoms experienced but people who are in the early stages of Cirrosis and see if they correlate. Any information would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.
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Here's a link to a web site with some really good information.
This link is specific to Cirrhosis, but the site has tons of good information about Hep C. I think a teaching hospital will treat you without insurance. I have a friend who is co-infected with HIV and HCV, and while I think he has insurance, he has to go to a teaching hospital to get treatment. I'm sure some others will chime in with more on Cirrhosis, and options for getting treatment. Good luck.
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There are also trial programs you can go on. Type trial for hep.c and goole it and find one in your area.
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I had no idea when my cirrhosis began. I wasn't diagnosed until I had decompensated cirrhosis. But we are all different and you should see a heptologist ( liver doctor) and possibly have an ultrasound of your liver.

I don't have insurance but receive charity care at a well regarded liver clinic. This covers the cost of my heptologist and labs.
I even had an emergency room trip at a completely different hospital once which was covered by charity care.

If you don't qualify for free care, you can often get your price reduced.

The main thing is you have to ask. Even quest labs has an assistance program.

When I did hep C treatment I got all my meds delivered to me free from Roche.
Doctors offen don't know about the programs or prices at least mine didn't.

Search around and always ask.
good luck,               OH
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That bleeeding thing is worrisom. Like tiny spots or like chainsaw massacre. If it's a lot - you should be seen right away.  

Take good care and try to figure out a way to see a doctor.
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Bleeding could be hemorrhoids, Not uncommon, I feel nauseated just about every day but iv'e gotten used to it, Don't want to get political but this is why we need to nip this healthcare debacle in the bud!
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