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OPPS, excuse me

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Good one.
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I could smell it all the way to Sweden !!!
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cracks up silly goose, and you say I am weird lol?  
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     Can't take you anywhere!!!!!                    :)
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Just wanted to say hi and send my best wishes to you.

You're not going to get me to rave about some idiot councillors who can't handle a f-art from the mayor without calling a recess!  

Perhaps a controversial item on the agenda was behind the f-art break. I bet one of the councillors set the mayor up with a whoopee bag, just to take some time off and get as little as possible accomplished!

Hope dear Cando is having a good day. Please post other breaking f-art studies as they emerge into the public eye, ear and smell.


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What struck me was the line "you can't make this stuff up".
Thanks for the laugh.
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Guess Whooooooooo    
Great to see you post, you are still the too too funny guy.  Get Pop and the cadillac and lets hit the Vegas Strip.  Remember I get to be in the cage as the hood ornament.  lol

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I always knew there was some funny business going on down in Medina! They just think they are hoity toity!  I couldn't tell who the culprit was.

We hired a girl - heck - she is almost 40 - who belched so loud you could hear it all over the office. I actually had to tell her to quit it.  I think she thought it was acceptable behavior in an office setting.  

Takes all kinds.
Thanks. Zach
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What are your doing out?  I thought you couldn't come out to play until late April.
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