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One Happy Zero

Hi All,

Just got back my biopsy results and I'm Stage Zero, Portal Grade 1, Lobular Grade 1 (using the Scheuer histologic score).  I'm totally shocked!  I figure I've had this disease nearly forty years so I'm doing really well!

Even my doctor felt uncomfortable recommending TX at this time (which is a big change of tune from six months ago when he strongly advised me NOT to have a biopsy and start TX immediately!)

Going to get a second opinion and take it from there.

Very happy,
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I second NYgirls remarks and I'm soooo glad for you...I will add, I've been around for awhile, and I see and hear and study this stuff to a certain extent...not in all cases but in many cases...

the people who do well enough to wait for treatment are the one's who take excellent care of themselves....and abstain from drugs and alcohol (course, not talking about an occasional pain pill for a headache, etc)...

I've seen this over and over again to where I think there is something to it...course, some will bring up people who seem to progress even though they do take great care of themselves...or bring up the few who don't seem to progress even though they take horrible care of themselves (seen this situation but I don't think this happens too often).

But my advice is if you are going to wait for the better drugs to be widely available, and it seems that you are in that position to do so if you want to...just take great care of yourself and enjoy your life...good diet with lots of fruits, nuts and veggies (like our own Los Angeles, ha ha) good and plentiful water, exercise...and a good attitude if you can manage it, lol...be well and prosper!
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You got this disease when you were 4? (reading your profile)

Good news for you.  It is still easier to treat when you are younger and damage is not great -- just a thought.
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Wow!!  Pretty amazing.  It's a crazy thing about this virus.  Some folks it just skips over and others it nails.  Some people it gives no symptoms but damage, others no damage and lots of symptoms.  I hope you are getting the best of both worlds.  It certainly bodes well for your chances on waiting.

I'd also suggest a fibrosure every so often (whch will include your AST/ALT scores but with damage like that (I mean the lack of it) you should be able to coast comfortably for a spell.

Great news,
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That is wonderful news. You have plenty of time and wait for the new meds. Congrats.
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Thanks all.
Nygirl, I hope I can take your advice (if my second opinion confirms the first) and relax and enjoy but it's weird once you open Pandora's box and HCV pops out - pretty hard to get it back in.  I think I'm changed forever as a result of becoming aware of my disease.  But I'm going to try.
4c, I think you make a good point.  Taking care of yourself can only help but unfortunately for some it just isn't enough.  I'm very lucky, plain and simple. You ever hear that saying that God only doles out how much a person can take?  Well, He must know me pretty well!  LOL. Anyway, I'm grateful all the same.
Frijole, I believe I was infected when I was 7, so not quite 40 years.  But I wonder these days if I was infected later.  I fit into no other high risk group but it seems like there are many people out there that have no idea how they were infected so who really knows.  I will continue to consider your advice about treating now.  Would love to knock that gorilla on my back!
Elaine, I was scaring you?  Maybe because it took me over three weeks to call my doctor to get my BX results.  Well, some old dogs can't learn new tricks.  If you look at another way, I'm moving at lighting speed since my DX.  I wish Nick had my options too.  When I wrote the above to 4c, I was thinking of Nick.  He seems like someone who did it all right but still the disease progresses.  It really isn't fair.  But I will continue to send you positive thoughts for his recovery.
Willy50, This virus is crazy!  I don't know of a more insidious disease where the only diagnosis is sticking a skewer into a vital organ to figure out how you are doing.  I'm thinking about a fibrosure and/or fibroscan as I understand it tells you different stuff about your liver.
GrandmaA, Thanks.  We haven't posted to one another but I always read your posts because you have an open mind to alternatives (and so do I).  You always inform me on something that I end up researching  more.
Thanks again,
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