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Origin of the Species

The lack of public knowledge. testing, and misconceptions are unbelievable. Hell herpes, warts and vaginal itch get more publicity (for lack of a better word). From what I ascertain we are just the vanguard of a whirl wind yet to come. Powers that be know the stats. Is it because its"mostly an I.V. drug user thing" like they did with HIV for decades. On that note does and to what extent is the government involved in funding for research. Do we have a lobby for funding like other illnesses. We are a small army that is unfortunately growing. United even just for letter writing especially during this political season would give us clout. Our demographics would be interesting, mostly 50 to 60 but that's just dx'ed. And we are mostly law abiding, tax paying, voting citizens.

Demographics of the disease leads to my next question. Seems like majority contracted about 30 or so years ago. Where/when did this originate. Can it be back tracked like HIV or has it always been around thru time killing under a different name. If its just that now we are learning to test for it how do they explain different geno types, different forms A,B,ect and sub types for that matter, prevalent in different continents. Are they mutants of the same virus. If so what was the catalyst for mutation. Is it done mutating or can we expect different strains down the road. You would think with the expected rise in cases the government would look into this closer before it reaches epidemic portions, if it hasn't already.
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There is evidence hep C has been around since Egyptian times...The 1 genotype is the oldest, originating in Northern Africa...It is theorized that's why the virus is able to live as long as it does without killing its host...It has become a parasitic disease that can coexist in the body for years after it's initial invasion...Remember doing things like "blood brothers" when we were kids? There were similar rituals through the times (not to mention some pretty horrific hygiene practices) that kept it going...the "blood to blood" contact...and tattooing...Asia got it next, then the US...I'm not sure about South America and it's stats...last of all, Australia with the newest geno type 4...There is a 5 and 6 now as well, but I'm not sure of those stats yet...I'd bet you could follow the spread and mutations of hep c by the development of transportation ranges...Ships as well as interland...Food for thought...                                  ~Melinda
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Good points, Melinda. I do remember "blood brothers". It was a common ritual while playing cops and robbers, army, and what not. I always think about that when considering all of the possible exposure routes in my life.
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Some speculations on the evolution of HCV and its coexistence with humans over the last 100,000 years.

A lot longer than "Egyptian times".

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