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Did anyone who finished tx find the meds aggravated their osteoporosis? or am I just getting old?  I just had a Dexa bone density test and I have it on one side of my neck. Anyone know how to build back bone? Thanks.
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I'm scheduled for a Dexa next month. I don't have Hep C but.....my dr. says to take the calcium and do lite weight training.  Even doing reps with a can of peas helps. You may want to ask about that once a month pill to take to keep it from getting worse.  From reading your other posts I remember you are into the herbs and you maybe able to find something for osteoporosis to take.  I believe in taking herbs also to a certain point.  

You mentioned in one of my posts that you take almonds. What does that do for you?
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Almonds were mainly for taking the Riba, they contain fat. I had a lot of nausea otherwise. The Dr. says they must be kept in the refrigerator as the oils go rancid. Now I just eat 5 or 6 a day.

I have 2 lb. weights. I need to get 3 lb. ones. I don't want to take Fosomax. It gives you an upset stomach and you have to sit up for 30 min. after taking it and the pill is HUGE. You have to have special permission to take the liquid. I just got off of very strong meds. I don't want to take anymore unless it is absolutely necessary .

I ordered a couple things from this chemist/nutritionist in Ft. Worth, Texas that rebuilds bone. They are flower essences. I ordered Female Serenity Herbal Tonic "F.S. is a safe effective plant hormone replacement and bone builder herbal tonic. The hormones are 1/400th (less) of prescription strength drugs, yet well absorbed and utilized by the body. If hormones are not needed, it purifies the blood instead. The tincture contains 20% brandy which dissipates in hot water. And also, Inner Strength Rose Oil Blend. " Increases flexibility and bone strength. It has increase bone density from 6-8% in 4 1/2 mos., varying for individuals. Motivation and self-actualization were strengthened".  Her website is: aromahealthtexas dot com.

Also, taking glucosamine, MSM and vit. D are good. I'm waiting for synthetic chondroitin to be available  because I can't take the fish ones.  
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I take glucosamine also and feel it when I run out.  I also give it to my older dog and she does not limp when she is on it.  GrandmaA I wonder, are there any herbs that help with the side effects of tx?  Or did you only find fat to help you.  I'm kinda jumping the gun here, because I don't even know what the bx results are, but am assuming I had this for at least 30 years so there has got to be damage.  I'm just trying to get all of my ducks in a row.  
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Rev: I have taken Dr. Zhangs herbs for over 4 years every day. He has special formulas. Some you take before tx and some while on tx. I took them all. They help with the sx. I had no itching or rash at all. His website is medresearch dot org. You might not have any damage even if you have had it for 30 years. Everyone is different and so is their lifestyle and liver. I have been a vegetarian for 42 years and it's very liver friendly. It's fine to get your ducks in a row.

Hither: After I wrote you about the stuff I just ordered. I decided not to take the one with brandy. I will send it back. I will just take the other one. I don't want to take one drop of alcohol even by mistake.
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I don't really know all the sx effects Dr. Zhangs herbal formulas helped me avoid. I have only been off tx for 2 weeks now. As far as I can tell I do not have diabetes or an auto immune disease. I have been undetectable since week 15. So I did 51 weeks of tx. Two of my vegetairan friends who had tx both have diabetes now. After I solved the nausea problem, insomnia or waking up too early was my biggest problem with the riba.  You can email Dr. Zhang on his website. If you send him all your labs he will give you a 15 min. consult from New York and tell you which herbs you should take. His website used to be much more user friendly, but you can figure it out. There is a forum that used to be really good but 3 of us switched over to this one when one person dominated it.  
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I didn't have an issue with osteoporosis that I know of (yet).  However I did wind up with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 months before I finished tx.  I had found later on that I did test positive for RA back in 2002 but never had any symptoms.  Apparently the treatment just sent it in to overdrive.

Genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3
finsihed 48 wks of tx on 4/13/07
relapsed 9/20/07
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I came down with sciatica a year before TX and have been on fosomax ever since.

I don't have osteoporosis but I do have the milder form of osteopenia.  Ironically, I've never felt it (aside from the first and only sciatica attack) probably coz I've been doing yoga for several decades.

The stretches are great for keeping you limber.

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Thanks, I have seen other postings about Dr. Zhangs herbs.  I did try out his site and did not find it very user friendly, but did find it interesting.  I have just recently been exploring the world of herbs, before finding out I was hep c positive, and I have a friend who is chiropractor in MI that swears by the natural way of healing.  I think maybe I might wind my way over there this evening.
Thanks for being so kind, and by the way it has to be osteo acting up, you sound way too young to be old!
From another grandma (and another on the way making three grandchildren-all girls).
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Hi.  I am 52 and did 48 weeks of treatment then relapsed.  That was 2 years ago.  One year ago I had a DEXA and learned I have osteoporosis.  I was pretty stunned at the result.  I mean I am a post-menopausal woman but I have 4 older sisters and none of them have it.  My DEXA showed osteopenia in my hips and osteoporosis in my spine with a high risk of fracture.  I had an x-ray straight away to see if there were any fractures present and it said there weren't.  But the low bone density was obvious even in the x-ray.

I don't know if it is my hep or the treatment that brought it on, but I'm pretty sure it was one of them.  Liver disease is a known factor in osteoporosis.  I take calcium but that's all.  So far it hasn't caused me any grief except for worry that my back will give out on me some day.  And I don't do any risky activities, not that I have the energy for any hard core sports, but even golf is out.  Twisting.

Still a lot of people are much worse off than me!

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Hi.  I'm 63 - almost 64 and have had osteoporosis for at least 12 years, due to parathyroid tumors which were removed, and menopause.  I've been on Fosamax the whole time, ever since diagnosis 10 years ago - along with various hormones or soy products, presently using estradiol.  My DEXA score has not declined at all - I wish it had improved; however, it remains the same.

Because of bad writing, the instructions to Fosamax seem to imply that one must remain sitting or standing in one place for 30 minutes after taking the pill (which isn't that large, BTW, and I'm not an easier pill swallower).  Actually they mean that one must not lie down for 30 minutes.  That's all.  So I take my pill with a large glass of water (very important to have lots of water with the pill), take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup - and there's 30 minutes, and then I can eat my breakfast.  I do this once a week.  It's not difficult at all.

I also lift weights.  Except for during tx, I've been doing this for years.  If I did reps with cans of peas, i'd just wear out my arms.  You need to build muscle.  You might start out with light, girly weights, but as you progress, you must increase the amount of weight you lift until you are unable to do more than 10 reps.  When you are able to do 12 reps., you need to add more weighs.  And so on.  I cannot encourage you enough to do this.  With osteoporosis, you need strong muscles to compensate for weak bones.  You will not get big, bulky muscles; you'll just tighten up.  The only women who get ugly big muscles are either physical anomalies or are spending many hours daily at a gym.  

Obviously calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium are essential as supplements.  I take my osteoporosis very seriously, because I don't want to be one of those old ladies who break their hip and are never the same.  Let us know how you do.

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Thanks to all for sharing your information.

Wyntre, I have a son just 2 years younger than you are.  You are so young. I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis in the right neck. 5 years ago I just had osteopenia. I'm 65. Degeneration of the lower spine is common with people my age.

Revolution: the osteoporosis is not "acting up". The chiropractor is very gentle and helps me greatly whenever  I have any pain.  I don't know what I will do when he retires. I've been going to him for years. I have been in 6 auto accidents. So I'm lucky to be alive. The first and last could have been fatal, but the Lord isn't ready for me yet. The others were minor but did a number on my neck. Some of it is wear and tear.

Aquila: You are very courageous. Thanks for sharing. Please also take half as much magnesium as calcium and vit. D. We cannot use the calcium without Vit. D. Good luck to you.

Pidgeon: Thanks for all your information. I have 2 lb. weights and I need to get 3's. I have a gym nearby that is only $10. a month. There's a senior hiking group that walks 3-6 miles that I'm joining and yoga when I get done with my 10 infared saunas to get the toxins out of my system. My skin is getting so soft and smooth. I'm  so glad your dexa scan is not getting worse.  The Fosomax doesn't upset your stomach does it?  
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The Fosamax can cause ulcers of the esophagus if you lie down or if you don't drink enough water with the pill.  They recommend 6 to 8 oz. of water - but I drink a good 12 oz glass.  There's also some new stuff - I recently read an article about an annual shot that will replace weekly pills - don't know if it's on the market yet.

Unless you're very frail, you should get 5 lb. weights - and later, for certain exercises, 8 and 10 lb weights.  The rest of your exercise plans sound terrific.  Don't forget crunches for your middle - not the situps that we used to do in high school.  They're bad for the back.  Yoga's fabulous, but it doesn't build muscles.
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