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Photos of Howie & friends on my profile page!

at his memorial yesterday
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Thanks !
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Thank you so much for sharing, it is so nice of you!
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Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the pictures, for your work in sharing Howie's memorial and your honoring him.

I used to spend quite a bit of time here and knew Howie from the early on days. He was a great guy, and informed educator and advocate and one of the most impressive of displays of tenacity I think I have witnessed. So many trials, and yet he helped so many, remained upbeat, and fought, fought and fought some more. What a spirit he was!!!!

Thank you for remembering him and helping celebrate his existence and sharing w/ members here.

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Willy, so good to see you!!

I agree with everything you said. HepCandme has done so much to honor Howie, I really appreciate as well. When Howie died I think a part of me did too.  I have been so sad about it, thinking how hard he worked, everything he went through.  
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