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Positive reinforcement?

Hi y'all,
I just quit smoking a little over a week ago, two days before my initial screening at the boceprevir clinical trial site.  I stopped wearing the patches right away as I didn't like the feeling they gave me.  I hope to get off my tired butt and start a small workout program prior to tx.  Any other ideas of positive reinforcement, or anything physical or mental that I can do to help my self out during tx?   Oh I don't have a start date as of yet, but my hopes are high as my initial bloods did not exclude me, I've been told that much.  God Bless
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YAY!!! You should be real proud of yourself guitar man! Congratulations!

God bless, Marcia
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TY, yes I'm very proud.  It wasn't easy at all, in fact it was one of the hardest habits I ever kicked.  This last time was the absolute hardest and it took me quite a bit of prep time.  I have a wheezing problem that developed, so that certainly helped me, but it is by no means an easy addiction to break.  Anyways, I'm looking for anything as far as an idea that helped anyone to start and keep a positive attitude throughout tx.  Any ideas, anyone?  A good book, positive affirmations, cd's?    
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I don't want you to think I'm ignoring your post here, I just haven't had time to answer in the manner I'd like and I really want to answer ... I'll be getting back to you.

Congrats on quitting smoking, in the meantime!  Tough thing to take on but very good for you all things considered.  Hang in there with that.  You're a fighter, fret.

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I think it is very different for everyone. Smoking was easy for me to quit, even though I had smoked for over 20 years and I smoked a lot. I stopped each time I remained pregnant and then I finally stopped for good in 1998. It was always sheer determination and from one day to the other cold turkey, no replacements. Of course the body went through changes, but I was never tempted to smoke again.

As to positive attitude during tx. I think it is very important to be well informed, which you are. Then you need to find out where you can get moral support from family and friends. For me the most important factor which is helping me through tx, and which has helped me through many hardships and difficult periods and situations in life, is my spiritual practice. I can always find peace within myself, no matter what. When I feel sick, or sad or whatever it is, I go deep within myself and find peace there. When one is in that place, nothing else matters, as one feels close to ones creator.

I was not devastated when I found out about having Hep C, as I was able to just surrender it. The same with the news of not clearing at 4 weeks... I believe that someone else than me has their say in how my life is going to be, and all I can do is, try to do my part in it and surrender the rest. For me this is a time for introspection and self realization. A time to be more spiritual, especially since I am lying in bed 24/7.

A time to be there for my family and friends. I might not have any physical strength at the moment, but I have a lot of extra something else to give. I listen to my family and friends and when they tell me they are tired, sick or have problems, I feel compassion and comfort them. I never make them feel that they shouldn't complain, 'cause it's nothing compared to what I'm going through. Everyone goes through something and it is all difficult. Often ppl don't want to bother me with their problems, but I tell them not to treat me differently in that regard. I still want them to share everything with me, as we did before. I want to hear the stories and news, good and bad. They are all there for me and I also want to be there for them. We all support each other.

And when I get tired, I tell ppl that I can't anymore.

So my advice to anyone who asks me how to get through this, is to find some peace and faith within yourself and try to accept what is going on. Go with the flow and love yourself. Be patient with yourself... and don't stop loving others.

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Congratulations on quitting smoking!  Yay for you!!!!  It's been 15 years for me-I still remember the last one, lol!  Hang in there, you can do this :-)

As far as getting thru tx, I keep telling myself that "it's the meds" when I get upset.  Makes me think before I speak--something new for me--and I like it!  The diagnosis alone changes our perspective and priorities and I always try to focus on all the positives that HepC has brought into my life.  That reaffirms that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing.  Add to that lots of faith and prayer---that's what keeps me going.

Wishing the best for ya....keep us posted :-)


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Way to go, Fret.  That's really something to be proud of.  Sometime progress is one slow step at a time.  My hats off to ya.  I pray for your continued success!
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Hey friends,
I got a call today and my bx appt. has been confirmed, so the last Monday of this month I'll be taking a jab in the liver again.  It's really something, I won't get the results, but the paperwork says something like the specimens will be saved.  Heck they can keep those, my next hope is to get a tx start date and one day at a time I'll be going thru tx.  I really feel good about getting picked up for this study, as I am not in control whatsoever.  It's like a positive force has taken over, that's my spiritual advisor and the power that watches over me.  Sometimes I think that no matter how many things I've done that weren't so good, I must have done at least one thing right.  I've never had a problem getting connected spiritually and it seems like even when I'm lost, I get found.  God Bless you all  
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I am so glad things are finally starting to move along for you with all this.  I can't wait to hear the bx results, so ya better keep us posted, friend!!! :-)


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I'll keep y'all posted, but I won't be getting my bx results.  It says on my consent forms "The results of this evaluation will not be available to you before your enrollment in the study, as your study doctor will make the decision whether your liver biopsy qualifies for your participation in the study".  It should just say we won't tell you your results b/c you might change your mind.  lol  I don't need to know, I think I'm sick enough.  My swelling on my ankles and hands is getting worse and I've been taking my diuretics like every day.  Plus I have this weird breathing thing going on, it's like I've grown a new breathing pattern and I was happy with my old one.  lol  Having HepC sux beyond belief, I can't do didley squat anymore.  I'm gonna be 55 and I feel alot older, lost my youthful look along time ago.  lol  It's already a drag getting old and getting old with HepC on the attack don't get it.  God Bless    
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Good luck with your biopsy, fret ... and with everything.  Always rooting for you.  

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