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Prayers for Crossroads/Karen?

Hey there, Crossroads/Karen a long time member here got the call early this morning for her liver transplant.  She is in the hospital now, the surgery will take place any time today.  I posted this on the cirrhosis forum, then thought that I should post it here too.
Not everyone from the HCV forum is on the Cirrhosis forum.  Karen is a loving, giving, caring woman who helped many of us through the awful Incivek tx, Then she was x with cancer, she has been fighting that while she waits for her transplant.  (I am hoping no one will mind me asking for prayers for her)

I know she would appreciate your prayers as she would gladly pray for you.  I am posting her information in case anyone might want to send her a note or message.  Understandably she is very afraid.


Thank you for your help, bless you
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Wow... I knew she was in bad shape and was decomp way back when she was treating so this is not a big surprise. She was such a fighter during treatment, I hope everything goes well for her.

Thank you Dee for the updates, your about as sweet as they come.

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My prayers are being sent to her for a successful transplant wishing her only the best outcome she is in good hands I am sure
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That's great she final is going to get a transplant.  Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.  Prayers for the best outcome.
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Karen:  though we have never 'met', you  are in my thought and prayers.  I will pm you.

Dee, thanks for the 'heads-up'

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Continued prayers to Karen from me. Prayers for her surgeons as well as the donor family.
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Have you heard any more concerning Karen's surgery?  Has it been done?

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Hello there, thank you all so much for your prayers.  I know Karen will be so appreciative.  Though she says she is a happy chick, I think she is a real tiger, helping others all the time.  She calls it "thriving with cirrhosis"  I don't know where she gets the energy to do all that she does for others.
I just heard from her husband, the surgery just started about an hour ago.  I think that there may have been a problem with the size of the liver from yesterday.  She mentioned it on her FB page.  She is such a tiny thing I am guessing it might have been too large.
Again, thanks so much.
I really appreciate your support so much.  Words can't convey how choked up I am as I write this.
Bless you all so much!!!
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First report from operating room, ahead of schedule, going well.
Thank you again
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Wishing Karen the best!!

Thanks for the heads up Dee :)

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Hey there!  Thanks so much for replies.  Karen has had it rough.  After killing the HCV in 2011. She had to have the banding of her varices, then she got liver cancer, they did the TACE which helped for a bit, then more recently she had an ablation.  I know she has so much more to give to people, I am very happy that she finally got her liver.

I heard from her daughter last night, she was in ICU and the surgeon said she had done very well.  Her surgery started about 8 and was over by 3:30.

Thanks again for replies, I hesitated to let people know but I was greedy for the prayers :)  The first liver on the 12th did not work out so they had to wait til yesterday morning.
Thank God for the donors

My best, Dee
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I think I got it wrong, her liver started to decompensate before she found out she had HCV.  She has been through hell and back like others on here.
Here is her story if anyone wants to read it


She is my shero
She is already online telling people how well she is doing.  She started to feel better 2 hours after transplant was over.
I am amazed.  I am also grateful to MH for allowing me to post this information.  MH is the best
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That really great news.   I'm so happy for her.   She really deserves this second chance.   With her additive she will live till 100.
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I am very happy she made it thru surgery, hoping she has a quick recovery.
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Sending healing energy out. Blessed Be.
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As a transplantee myself, I hope for the best with no complications. The major battle has been won and now the reward...

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Wishing Karen the best. I stop by once in a while to see how everyone is doing. Not happy to hear about Karen's situation.
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I'm so grateful to hear all of this news about Karen! She is so very strong & incredibly positive. Thank you Dee for all these updates! You are a faithful friend. My prayers stay with her for an unusually easy & successful recovery. Sounds like she's loved by many! Much gratitude for her new liver & the many on here who walked before her!
I agree with c-d-m, you are so very kind & sweet!
Hugs & thanks
Asking for prayer is never greedy, so glad you did.
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Glad to hear one of our long standing warriors is on the road to a post hep c and liver disease free life

Speedy recovery to your friend
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I'm so very happy that Karen is doing well.  I remember reading about her liver cancer and thinking how brave she was.  Wishing for a speedy recovery and a new life ahead.  Karen, you will be in my thoughts and well wishes.

Thanks Dee for the good news.  You are a sweetie!
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that is awesome!!
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You guys are just awesome!  Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes.  I know that it will bring tears to Karen's eyes when she gets home and can read all of this.
She has such a good attitude, I can barely believe it.
She shares so much of herself to help others with HCV, cirrhosis, and cancer.  Now she will become a very good advocate for liver transplants.
We are very grateful to the donors and their families as well.
Bless you all my friends :)
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Such good news for Karen. Keeping her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Sorry that it took me so long to see this post but I will keep Karen in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.  She is an amazing person who has helped so many through their struggles.
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Hey there, thank you so much!  Karen is doing really well, she came home 6 days after the transplant which worried me but the doctor says she is doing very well.  She has to take so many pills a day (70) it makes tx look like nothing.  The cancer in her liver had not spread so that is really good news.
Sorry I am just now updating,
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